Ford Flex Saves Bystanders From Crashing Chevy Camaro

It’s not just Mustangs that go spinning into crowds of people.

byJustin Hughes|
Chevrolet News photo

Ford Mustangs have earned a reputation for suddenly losing traction and careening off the road into crowds of people, generally while leaving Cars and Coffee events. But Mustangs are not the only perpetrators of burnouts gone wrong. A Chevy Camaro, not a Mustang, nearly mowed down bystanders during Downtown Days in Wayne, Michigan last week, according to FOX 2. Ironically, a Ford actually prevented this tragedy from occurring—in this case, a Flex parked on the side of the road that valiantly gave its life to save the humans behind it.

"You have a lot of spectators out here and when the muscle cars come through, they encourage them to do a burnout–spin the tires and cause some smoke–the car people, they feed off the audience and that's a very risky and dangerous thing," said Downtown Days organizer John Goci, according to FOX 2. 

We've all seen this, and perhaps participated ourselves. But regardless of the crowd's urging, it's a bad idea to do this with so many people in such close proximity, particularly if you have not already practiced the maneuver before—not that we'd ever encourage such a thing, of course.

Fortunately, no one was hurt in this incident, thanks to the slab-sided Flex that happened to be in between the Camaro's path and the spectators on the sidewalk. The driver was not identified but was arrested for reckless driving, the report said.

"There's gonna be a meeting. I know the crews will have their meeting and downtown will have their meeting and we'll have everybody pow wow and look at what we can do better for next year," said John Rhesa, one of the sponsors of Downtown Days, according to FOX 2. It's unlikely that meetings will stop people from showing off for the crowd, but hopefully, drivers of all cars, not just Mustangs, can resist the urge to give onlookers a smoke show that could go quite wrong if they're not careful.