If Your Favorite Dead Brand Was Resurrected Tomorrow, Would You Buy Another One?

What if your favorite dead brand came back with a knockout new model. Would you buy it?


I have a soft spot for International Harvester.

Whenever I head up to the parts of our country where trucks outnumber cars, I always end up with one lingering thought that never quite leaves my mind. 

"What if International Harvester made a comeback?" 


International is still a well regarded brand thanks to their commercial trucks and the legacy with their tractors and related farm equipment which are still highly regarded. Old Ford tractors are as common as kudzu here in the Deep South. But an International Harvester tractor is considered an enduring piece of Americana by a lot of folks who live in rural America, including yours truly. 

To top it off, guess who now owns the rights to the International Harvester Scout brand?


Could a light-duty truck coupled with a heavy-duty manufacturer warranty become a breakthrough vehicle for Subaru? Is the International Harvester worth bringing back from the proverbial catacombs of automotive history?

Anything is possible. So what about you? Is there a brand that still rings true to your ear, and your wallet?