Listen to The Drive’s Zach Bowman on Autoblog Podcast 457

Our contributing editor is selling everything and taking his family on the road. Here’s how he’s going to do it.

byMax Prince| PUBLISHED Dec 7, 2015 2:42 PM
Listen to The Drive’s Zach Bowman on Autoblog Podcast 457

It’s a plan.

A wonderful, unorthodox scheme, hatched with the intention of reclaiming all the good things about life. The Drive’s Zach Bowman is selling everything he owns, hitching a camper to his high-mileage 2003 Dodge Ram and taking his family on the road. His clan is three, counting wife, Beth, and their infant daughter. They’ll be touring America, working and sending us periodic dispatches from the road.

“This is more than just a big trip where we come home at the end of it,” Zach says. “It’s to find out where we want home to be.”

Over the weekend, the Bowmans stopped by the Autoblog Podcast and explained it all to Dan Roth. Their talk starts at the one-hour marker, and quickly drags up the existential stuff, important questions about the road and home and love and family and cynicism. It’s incredible. Is going full-nomad a bit crazy? Yes, and so is cubicle life or the concrete shoes of a mortgage. The best thing about this country is you get to choose your flavor of absurdity. The Bowmans are committed to theirs.

Stay tuned for more from Zach and Beth.