First Jeep Compass Built in India Rolls Off Assembly Line

Fiat Chrysler’s expansion into India takes another step forward.

byChris Constantine| PUBLISHED Jun 1, 2017 9:49 PM
First Jeep Compass Built in India Rolls Off Assembly Line

Fiat-Chrysler Automotive has announced that the new 2018 Jeep Compass has started being manufactured in India, with the first Compass rolling off the line on Thursday. This is big news for India, as the country has been struggling to find its niche in the global manufacturing industry for some time now. More car companies are expanding their businesses to India, finally realizing the South Asian country's potential for growth in the car business. 

The Compass is the first car in Jeep's lineup to be built in India, and FCA plans to bring the Grand Cherokee and Wrangler to the Ranjangaon facility later on. 

India is the latest conquest for FCA, joining Brazil, Mexico, and China on the list of external markets that produce Jeep's latest vehicles. The Compass will be solely built at the facility in Ranjangaon, which will produce and export all of Jeep's right-hand-drive Compasses for global distribution.

To stifle any worries about quality, the Ranjangaon plant will adhere to the World Class Manufacturing initiative. This plan features a set of strict guidelines that plants must follow to improve quality, minimize manufacturing scrap, and promote safe operations. WCM is also designed to give workers a sense of individuality and power, encouraging employees to provide suggestions and improvements to make the company better. This initiative provides a well-organized and ethical manufacturing process to make sure the people and products are cared for properly.