Volkswagen Atlas Featured in Food Network Star TV Series

Volkswagen promotes its latest SUV in hit TV show to combine the two best activities in life: driving and eating.

byChris Constantine|
Volkswagen Atlas Featured in <em>Food Network Star</em> TV Series

Volkswagen just announced today that its brand new full-sized SUV will star in Food Network's popular TV show Food Network Star. VW has sponsored the show for three years, and now the Volkswagen Atlas takes the stage as the food competition series' celebrity vehicle. It isn't the first car in Volkswagen's fleet to make an appearance, as the 2016 Passat was given some air time during the last season of the show, appearing in some of the themed challenges the participants had to take part in. If Volkswagen continues supporting the series, we hope that they keep bringing new VWs onto the show. How cool would it be if the chefs had to make a gourmet meal, and drive a Golf GTI 7.5 to a far away location to deliver it to a customer before it got cold? 

Food Network Star is a popular show on the Food Network where chefs fight to become the next Gordon Ramsay or Guy Fieri; the grand prize is the winner's chance to host his or her own show on the Food Network. Think of it like American Idol, but the competition is based on taste rather than sound. Besides being able to cook great food, the chefs participate in food-based themed challenges. The new SUV, known for its ample amounts of space, will take part in some of these challenges. The Atlas will be used to carry lots of cooking supplies, and drive the finalists around as they cater to different areas. More challenges will be revealed when the show premieres, so stay tuned. 

The newest season will debut on June 4th, so you'll get to see the Atlas in action very soon. If you don't have the time to watch the full season but want to see what the Atlas is like in action, the Food Network has announced that the June 25th episode will feature the car extensively.