Yamaha Hyping New Star Cruiser Motorcycle with Video Interview Series

Your grandpa is going to love this bike.

Yamaha has released the third part of their “Journey Further” video series they started about a month ago. Parts one and two are pretty similar, with middle-aged couples talking about how much they love riding their Star cruisers. Salt-and-pepper-haired men talk about trips they’ve taken, how many miles they’ve piled on, and there’s a lot of emphasis on reliability. The part three video that just came out is where we get a little more hints about a new model.

The title of the video is “Yamaha Star Motorcycles: Countdown To June 5th. Prepare To Journey Further” with the new model to be unveiled at the Americade Rally in Lake George, New York next month. In this video, the riders explain features that they think could make their Yamaha Star a better bike.

When going through their wish lists, it sure sounds like these folks just want a luxury car with two wheels. The men want infotainment with Bluetooth, SiriusXM, and satellite navigation; the ladies request heated grips, heated seats, and reverse. If I were Yamaha, I would probably direct these couples to their nearest Mercedes-Benz or BMW dealer for a nice new convertible.

While it’s easy to make fun of this future model being a bike for old people, it’s refreshing to see motorcycle ads directed at the right demographic for its particular market. They aren’t trying to force millennials to like big, comfy cruisers, they’re trying to bolster brand loyalty and keep existing customers coming back.

We’ll keep you posted on the details after we know more about this bike. You’ll be able to watch the unveiling here live on June 5th at 7pm EDT.