Hero of the Day: Homemade Hellraiser

He’s building a monster-engine racecar from scratch…by fusing two engines together.

byMax Prince| PUBLISHED Oct 7, 2015 1:35 PM
Hero of the Day: Homemade Hellraiser

This guy, who’s cobbling together a single-seat, tube chassis racecar from scratch. A courageous act on its own, sure, but the real heroism is in the custom drivetrain. That’d be a turbocharged V12 hanging off the tail end—or, more specifically, two turbocharged Toyota Supra inline-six engines fused together. The builder is an ex-engineer, which explains the incredible fabrication work. Also why one cylinder head is ingeniously rotated 180 degrees to achieve a common exhaust side. Oh, and those manifolds. Hero.

(via Imgur)

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