Behold, the Flying Overtake

For when regular, ground-based passing just won’t do.

byMax Prince|
Behold, the Flying Overtake

You’re probably familiar with the standard battery of overtaking maneuvers. Inside and outside, up top and down low, maybe a few fancy dekes or some clever drafting. All wonderful. But you’ve never seen a pass like this. Not in F1, not in NASCAR. According to the video description, this clip comes from the Eastern Canadian Karting Championship, which took place last week in Ontario. It manages to pack midair acrobatics, skidding, and, at several points, abject terror, into one compact overtake. Maybe best of all, the entire thing happened by accident.

Quick description: We’re riding on-board for a few seconds before another racer, No. 607, clips the camera kart. Instead of a lame spin, the impact sends the trailing kart airborne. It launches clean overhead, a full grid position up, then sticks the landing. Both drivers (somehow) maintain control. So what if the flyer gets passed again at the next corner?

But this one’s better seen than explained. Check out the video below. Definitely an early candidate for overtake of the year.