Racewknd Wants to Be a New Fancy Mag to Help You Dive Deeper Into Each Formula One Stop

The magazines-as-collectibles trend continues, now with a Kickstarter campaign for an F1 mag with more info on the host cities you’d love to visit.

byStef Schrader| UPDATED Sep 25, 2020 6:17 PM
Racewknd Wants to Be a New Fancy Mag to Help You Dive Deeper Into Each Formula One Stop

The idea of making large-format coffee table-worthy magazines you want to keep after reading is alive and well, and now there's a new one for Formula One fans. Racewknd is up on Kickstarter now, and it wants to be the ultimate companion to each stop on the Formula One calendar. 

Friends of The Drive started The Rev Journal as a pretty, travel-centric F1 magazine with more of a lifestyle focus than the usual F1 publications: Tales from on site, places to visit away from the track and things to see. Racewknd is The Rev Journal's new rebrand that takes that idea and focuses it more on that overall F1 weekend experience. 

A mock-up of the magazine's design. , Racewknd | Darren Heath

It's been reworked in light of the pandemic to bring that on-site experience to fans stuck at home. Fans can peruse the oh-so-glossy pages to frame what happens at the race within the location's culture, live vicariously through the authors' and photographers' experiences, and/or plan out a future trip for when things go back to normal.  In addition to some of the more conventional team-centric and behind-the-scenes race content, expect some neat stories about life in the towns that host F1. There's even advice in the works on how to make your at-home fan experience the best it can be. (Oh, and no ads—sorry, WeatherTech!)

The debut issue outline reads like a summary of everything you'd need to know to plan out where your ideal F1 stops would be, spanning all 22 grands prix alongside a deep dive into the things that truly define a good race weekend. They're doing a round of Destination Awards for the best things during the season. The magazine also features never-before-seen photos from F1 photographer Darren Heath. 

Granted, it sounds like most of this advice won't be geared towards those of us who save up to do F1 as inexpensively as possible, but all in all, it sounds like a nice break from the "here is the watch I wore to drive my 356"-type lifestyle car stuff. 

The first issue is currently being offered for $21 U.S. through its Kickstarter, but the Racewknd team also plans to branch out from there with its Racewknd Club online content, including industry panels and other virtual events. It's an extra $25/year, but includes 10% off future Racewknd orders, including the magazine issues and store merch. (It is an all-or-nothing Kickstarter, though, so if it's not fully funded, you'll get that investment back.)

You can find out more and back Racewknd's



Racewknd | Darren Heath

Correction: Friday, Sept. 25, 2020 6:15 p.m. ET: A previous version of this story stated that Racewknd Club was $25/month, but it is $25/year. This has been amended above.

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