Now a Suzuki Hayabusa-Powered Buggy, Just Because

Oversteering through grassland in a four-wheel superbike.

byMax Prince|
Motorcycles photo

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The world’s fastest production motorcycle: What a simple concept. Glorious, too, and chasing that title has brought us some of the gnarliest superbikes ever. The Honda CRB1100XX Super Blackbird comes to mind. So does the Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa. Cycle World managed 195 mph on a Busa, thanks to its liquid-cooled four-cylinder, which is an absolute gem. It’s one of the most potent street bike engines ever made and, most fortuitously, fits into all sorts of non-street bike things, like old Mini Coopers and Lotus 7 racecars.

Also: go-karts.

This guy knows all about that. His tube-frame buggy has Suzuki superbike guts hanging of its tail, 1299cc of Japanese mayhem. Sequential shifter. Disk brakes. Proper. Best of all, he’s got a vast expanse of farmland to let the buggy loose. Because he’s a hero, the guy also drew a nifty little circuit into the gigantic, grassy field using a lawnmower. Now watch him run a lap.