Video Shows Honda Civic Get Hit By Train, Keep Driving

Like a boss.

byMax Prince|
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Maybe I’m simple, but cars getting hit by trains does it for me. It’s a fundamental entertainment group, the proverbial bottom of the pyramid: a small, immobile, four-wheeled metal box getting demolished by a bigger and faster metal box with more wheels. And, man, does this Honda Civic Coupe ever take a hit.

Apparently, its driver accidentally turned onto the tracks, then got stuck on the crisscrossing steel. A witness who lives nearby told the Orlando Sentinel that the intersection has “confused enough drivers,” and that cars get stuck on the tracks regularly. Who needs the movies, right?

But the crazy part isn’t the impact. It’s what happens afterward. This little Civic, which has literally just been hit by a speeding train, drives away under its own power. Check out the shocked videographer (“I want one of them”) and the cop (“Really?”).