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For the U.S. Navy, Iranian Harassment Is Risky Business As Usual
Jul 25, 2017 8:21 PM
Dangerous engagements underscore growing tensions between the United States and an increasingly assertive Iran.
Watch How Jaguar Practiced Their Insane E-Pace Barrel Roll Stunt
Jul 25, 2017 8:18 PM
Hint: it involved a giant moon bounce.
A Chat With Juan Pablo Montoya As He Tests The New 2018 IndyCar Body Kit
Jul 25, 2017 7:26 PM
The two-time Indy 500 winner is pretty pleased with the result.
Watch The Navy Blow Up Pretty Much Everything On Its China Lake Weapons Range
Jul 25, 2017 5:29 PM
If you like things that go boom, this place is heaven. 
Mercedes-AMG GT4 Race Car Unveiled at Spa-Francorchamps
Jul 25, 2017 5:09 PM
With the beast of the Green Hell in its veins, this car is ready to terrorize Spa.
Longtime BMW Temp Files Racism, Sexism Report With EEOC
Jul 25, 2017 5:02 PM
She has been put on paid leave from her position at Mini.
Top 10 Racing Games of All Time
Jul 25, 2017 5:02 PM
From modern consoles to dusty old arcades, here's a look at the best car games of all time.  
Tesla Model 3 Deposit Holders Getting Anxious Ahead of First Customer Deliveries
Jul 25, 2017 4:11 PM
A lack of updates and firm answers has some people on edge. 
McLaren-Honda Hoping for Best Weekend of 2017 in Hungary
Jul 25, 2017 4:07 PM
Optimism is a rare thing at the Woking squad these days, so it isn't without reason.
Volkswagen Exec to Plead Guilty to Criminal Charges, Faces Up to 169 Years in Prison
Jul 25, 2017 3:52 PM
Oliver Schmidt has been detained since his initial arrest in January.
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