World’s Worst Thief Slams Scooter Into Wall After Stealing Purse

See kids: If you take to a life of crime, your life will come to a screeching halt.

Thieves have never been the smartest people in the world—hence why they are thieves. But the crook in this video really takes the cake. This CCTV footage from a gas station captures a lady filling up her Kia when a thief quietly opens the front passenger door and steals a bag from the seat. Attempting to make a daring escape, the thief hops on a scooter and flies into the distance…until he slams head-on into a wall.

It seems that the thief had zero control of the scooter 100 percent of the time. Which begs the question…did the thief also steal the scooter? Whatever the case may be, the thief is surely one of the worst we’ve ever seen.

Once the thief gets to first base with a wall, the lady pumping gas is notified by an attendant that her belongings have been stolen and she briskly moves over to the injured suspect. While he is lying on the floor, she casually grabs her bag and takes back what is rightfully hers. It just goes to show you, kids: Crime doesn’t pay.