Watch This Motorcyclist Chase Down a Drunken Hit and Run Driver

Who can count the number of traffic laws broken by both parties?

byRob Stumpf|
Watch This Motorcyclist Chase Down a Drunken Hit and Run Driver

If you witness a hit and run on the road, what would your thoughts be? Most people would check on the innocent party and give their statement to police about what they saw—but not Dick Danger. After stopping to check on the victim and watching the driver of this Mercedes-Benz flee, he takes off after him to ensure the responsible party is held accountable. 

This ten minute segment is much longer than some of the videos we usually come across, but it doesn't make it any less interesting. It begins as a black Mercedes-Benz crosses the center line and strikes a vehicle headed in the opposite direction. The luxury sedan then moves back into the correct lane, only to rear end a pickup truck and a Toyota Prius. All of this happens in front of a fire marshal who attempted to take charge of the situation, but then the driver threw the car into reverse and took off.

Danger then follows the car along the highway while calling police, cluing them in that the driver is possibly intoxicated. Several stops are made along the way, including an animal hospital and a gas station, but the driver doesn't show any signs of letting up. While on the highway, the Mercedes belches smoke from the engine bay. Eventually, it loses its front bumper at speed and our intrepid cameraman misses it.

Danger later stops to signal a highway patrol unit that's stopped on the side of the road, but they're busy with another driver. So he keeps following the busted Benz as it runs stop lights and blatantly disregards traffic laws until it finally comes to a stop on the side of the road. Police eventually arrive and the suspect admits his wrongdoing. Later, a news station reports that the driver was charged with a DUI. 

Beware, this video is a long one and has come crude language—but is a thrill seeking ride to watch nonetheless.

There are many people upset that the motorcyclist took it upon himself to chase the driver, and it's surprising that the 911 operator did not ask him to stop pursuing the suspect. However, there are also a number of people commenting on the video to sing the Danger's praises.

To be fair, Danger himself noted that what he did was risky in the start of the video. He doesn't consider himself to be a hero, and advises people to not take the same actions as he did. A smart mention, especially considering the number of traffic control devices he ignored in order to catch the offender. It was a good thing that the driver of the Mercedes was caught, but we couldn't help but to feel anxious while watching the motorcycle blow through traffic lights—other drivers might have taken a different approach. Stay safe out there, friends.