Watch Kate Upton Whip Around A Formula E Circuit in A BMW i8

Supermodels and supercars, that’s what Formula E does.

byMax Goldberg|
Watch Kate Upton Whip Around A Formula E Circuit in A BMW i8


Kate Upton has spent a large portion of her life in the spotlight thanks to her modeling career and subsequent business opportunities that came after. Her name alone brings a lot of attention to any event she is at and the FIA Formula E Championship in Montreal is no exception. 

While attending the quiet races, Kate hopped in the modified BMW i8 safety car. Instead of just sitting in the vehicle for a few photo opportunities, Kate actually did some hot laps with Formula E CEO Alejandro Agag. Although the BMW i8 is a hybrid and not all-electric like the new Formula E cars, Agag was able to whip the BMW i8 around the temporary track at a high rate of speed. 

Instead of screaming like the majority of passengers we see in these hot lap videos, Kate Upton seems truly into the whole experience and even requests that Alejandro Agag tries to scare her. The world-famous model takes the whole ordeal with stride, proven she may truly be into cars. Kate isn't the only celebrity to see the inside of Formula E's BMW i8 safety car, several months ago Agag drove Paris Hilton around in the same fashion at Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez in Mexico. The Youtube video of that makes sure to mention she is a "superstar," terminology I don't really agree with, but it makes it clear Formula E is creating these videos to hopefully draw more attention to the series.

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