Watch This Mesmerizing Porsche Flat-Six Engine Assembly

All in harmony with a funky hip-hop beat.

byCaleb Jacobs| UPDATED May 16, 2017 11:35 AM
Watch This Mesmerizing Porsche Flat-Six Engine Assembly

This isn't one of those poorly-produced engine build videos that YouTube is riddled with. Instead, it's a well-put-together piece that gives an entertaining look at the in-depth process of rebuilding a historic Porsche flat-six, all set to a nice beat for good measure.

Created by Filmkooperation, the catchy clip starts from scratch, showing each step of the build process. From installing the crank to measuring the exacts with a dial bore gauge, this is one build video that'll make the DIY gearhead proud. Not only that, it gives a unique insight to the construction of the famed horizontal Porsche engine, one that people outside of mechanics and owners don't see in pieces very often.

The engine was built by Wicked Sixes for Stuttgart style icon Magnus Walker. The Englishman has developed a cult following for his Urban Outlaw line of Porsche projects that break the rules of tradition, sparking a lot of conversation in the process. This particular 2.5-liter found its way into Walker's 1967 911 "SRT", a groundbreaking piece that has caught the attention of enthusiasts and critics alike over the past few years.

We almost want to call this video NSFW, as the beauty of this powerplant and the car it went into could be considered pornographic. We'll leave that discretion up to you.