Watch This Surprisingly Good Homemade Tesla Ad

“Spaceships. For Earth.”

byCaleb Jacobs| PUBLISHED May 8, 2017 3:53 PM
Watch This Surprisingly Good Homemade Tesla Ad

Fan-made commercials aren't always the best. Sub-par cinematography can distract the video from its intended content, but nonetheless, they get the job done. However, this homegrown Tesla ad dubbed "Spaceships. For Earth" has drawn away from that reputation. Composed by YouTuber Everyday Astronautthis short ad shows the life of what the name implies. Everyday tasks like mowing the lawn and doing the dishes aren't so bad when you get to drive a Tesla Model X, are they?

Tesla and Elon Musk's relationship with space is always on full display. The automaker's sister company, SpaceX, is all about exploration and what it entails. Aside from that, the futuristic demeanor of Autopilot and seamless styling further its space-age concept, making for a perfect subject for this video.

We've seen this comparison before in a previous homemade ad named "Modern Spaceships". The commercial showed a family's Tesla from a kid's point of view, painting it as a shuttle to the next frontier, all while staying in the garage. The company's tech has advanced even further since then, making it relevant to revisit the outer space theme.

The Model X seems to be the perfect choice to pilot as it's equipped with "falcon" doors and room for passengers, making its case for a real spaceship for earth.

Watch as the film details why you may want one of these, too.