Enter The Drakan

You don’t want a race car for the street. You want this.

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Enter The Drakan

It’s got the beating heart of a muscle car, the power-to-weight ratio of a Bugatti Veyron, and it’s as light and sticky as a cinnamon bun. What is it? It's the Drakan.

Just when you thought you wanted a race car for the street, you find out you don't want that at all. What you want is a light car with a wide power band and a suspension that won't have you begging your HMO for spinal decompression surgery. That's the Drakan, a single-seater with turn signals and close-as-the-DOT-will-allow open wheels.

All that, plus that riding-the-pavement feeling and a power profile that's neither slow and gutless, nor full-on gonzo manic psycho death kill! mode. Sounds like a bargain at (gulp) $100,000.