The Ringbrothers 1972 AMC Javelin AMX Is a 1,036-HP Blast From the Delirious Past

Some cars never get their due. The tincture of time may turn everything into a classic one day, but there are still those that will forever be the ugly ducklings of the bunch. The AMC Javelin AMX—a Frankenstein of a pony car that never quite overcame its awkward styling, and was forced to compete with the immense popularity of the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro—is one such waterfowl.

That AMC also happens to be a secret favorite of brothers and car customizers extraordinaire Mike and Jim Ring, so when Prestone approached the pair to build a special car to celebrate the antifreeze company’s 90th anniversary, they immediately decided to use the opportunity to give a 1972 Javelin AMX the makeover of a lifetime. They moved the front axle six inches forward to balance out the stock car’s notorious overbite, then fabricated new panels out of carbon fiber to make it look factory-spec. There are innumerable custom-machined trim bits, a new interior…and best of all, a supercharged Hellcat engine and rebuilt drivetrain good for 1,036 horsepower—or upwards of 1,500 horsepower on high boost.

So at least this AMC Javelin AMX has been transformed into a beautiful swan. (A beautiful, angry, vengeful swan.) Check out the video up top to see what it’s like to climb behind the wheel and drop a bomb with your right foot—or read our full writeup for more on this monster.


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