Tesla Model Y CUV May See November 2019 Production Kickoff

After emerging from the gauntlet that was the start of Model 3 production, Tesla is laying preliminary groundwork for a compact electric crossover.

Car shoppers the world over are gobbling up the latest in automotive fads: The crossover. Tesla entered this market in 2015 with its three-row Model X, situated alongside its full-size Model S sedan. With their grand size comes an equally grand price, which bars Tesla from selling to the masses, hence the launch of the compact Model 3 electric sedan in 2017.

Until Wednesday, the Model Y—a Model 3-based crossover smaller than the Model X—was no more corporeal than its concept drawing. A report from Reuters claims that Tesla is pouring concrete for the foundation of Model Y production, with tentative plans to launch production of the vehicle in November of 2019.

It is alleged that Tesla CEO Elon Musk has started accepting contractual bids for the Model Y’s production, with intent to begin production at Tesla’s plant in Fremont, California. Electrek claims that the Fremont factory will reach production capacity by then and that Tesla will need to invest in further manufacturing facilities.

The Drive contacted Tesla for comment on both of these claims, but no response has yet been received.

Elon Musk originally promised the Model Y “in a few years” about a year ago, but successful ramping-up of the Model 3’s initially troubling production may have expedited the company’s plans. Musk has since stated the next vehicle in line after the Model Y would be an electric pickup truck. Whether the unnamed pickup will use an existing vehicle platform or entirely new underpinnings is not known—even Tesla may not be sure yet.