A Self-Driving Chevy Bolt and a Bicyclist Collided in San Francisco

The cyclist rear-ended the Bolt at an intersection. 

Mary Barra
Paul Sancya—AP

A self-driving Chevrolet Bolt was involved in a minor collision with a bicyclist in San Francisco on May 25, according to the state of California—but from the report, it sounds as if the autonomous car was not at fault.

An autonomous Chevy Bolt operated by GM Cruise LLC—General Motors's self-driving car development division—was attempting to make a left turn at around 5:26 p.m. when a car next to it began to sneak into its lane, according to an incident report from the California DMV. When the self-driving car hit the brakes, a bicyclist who was following it in close proximity slammed into the rear end of the autonomous electric car.

The bicyclist had a scraped knee after the incident and was looking to request medical help, but no first responders were sent to the scene, according to the report

The Bolt's rear bumper was scratched in the crash, but the bicycle came out unscathed, the report said.

GM has been testing Bolt self-driving cars in the Bay Area since 2016. In April, the automaker released a video of one of its cars tackling San Francisco streets in the dark of night