Get the Most out of Your SUV With the Right Tires, on Pavement or Off

The Hankook Dynapro tire family has five models to suit almost any SUV, whether you need long life for long hauls, tough tread for rough terrain, or something in between.

One type of tire won’t satisfy every SUV driver. But a complete family of long-lasting tires—from serene comfort on highways to the most extreme off-road traction—can take any SUV farther. The five models in the Hankook Dynapro family offer a wide range of performance, all backed by world-class engineering and the discerning approval of major automakers.

The Dynapro lineup is designed for SUVs, crossovers, and light-duty trucks. These vehicles carry more weight and have a higher center of gravity than cars. At the same time, automakers promise car-like handling and comfort, even on the most capable four-wheel drive trucks and SUVs. This poses a unique challenge to tire engineers. In every driving situation, a Dynapro delivers.

Consider the new Dynapro HPX, an all-season touring tire that lasts 12 percent longer than competing tires with the same mileage warranty (a hefty 70,000 miles). Touring tires are fitted to luxury SUVs where a quiet and controlled ride on the street is of utmost importance. Firmly-packed sipes, called 3D GripKontrol, maintain their shape when cornering. In some tires, the sipes flex and cause unpredictable handling at the limit. On the HPX, 3D GripKontrol helps improve snow braking by four percent, wet handling by seven percent, and wet braking by 15 percent versus the previous HP2. The grooves have a knurled construction that reduces tread noise by narrowing the air path through them. This, along with a tread pattern that acoustic engineers modeled to create a sequence of pitches tied to certain speeds, further ensures a quieter drive.

Tire sizes from 16 to 22 inches in diameter and 215 to 285 mm in width make the HPX a versatile choice. As a more highway-oriented option in the on-road class is the Dynapro HT, which, thanks to its optimized footprint, blends a strong mix of impressive durability, mileage and all-season performance so that both full-size SUVs and their light-truck counterparts can go the distance with ease and comfort.

For drivers who occasionally play in the dirt, the Dynapro AT2 Xtreme is a perfect all-terrain tire with added shoulder lugs and sidewall tread for more grip on narrow, challenging trails. Multi-directional grooves and biting block edges look like a dry, cracked desert landscape. It’s a tough look, and with a 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake rated for severe winter conditions, the AT2 Xtreme performs as well in snow as it does in sand. On pavement, the AT2 Xtreme eliminates the droning sound common to many all-terrain tires by using tie bars between the tread blocks and unequal-length block edges. This helps cut down noise and vibration.

As drivers and their vehicles venture further into the off-road spectrum, they will find the Dynapro XT, Hankook’s rugged terrain tire, built with an even more rigid block pattern with deeper zig-zag grooves. This is the ideal tire for overlanders who tackle higher elevation, off-camber trails, and rock crawling but still desire a forgiving ride on the drive back to civilization.

Hankook knows that some SUV drivers want to push their limits. To that end, the company developed its most extreme off-road tire, the Dynapro MT2. A high-strength steel belt, additional nylon-reinforced belts, and a jointless bead wire help resist punctures and keep the tire firmly on the wheel when the sidewall is under high compression. The triple-ply sidewall also has scooped shoulder blocks that are seamlessly molded from the tread for extra traction in mud and rocky roads. Special bars along the shoulders, also known as the mud and stone ejector, operate as the name implies by preventing stone drilling and mud caking so the “terrain-strike” tread and your vehicle can keep firing on its proverbial pistons while on trail. And in true Dynapro fashion, even the MT2 keeps its voice down on pavement.

For every SUV, crossover, or truck, there’s a Hankook Dynapro tire to fit your lifestyle.