UniClutch Is a No-Compromise Upgrade for Manual Transmission Vehicles

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Millions of car enthusiasts will go down swinging with a stick-shift in their hands. But as the automotive industry automates everything in modern cars, manual transmissions still have life—and there’s one company hell-bent on improving them. Straight from Melbourne is UniClutch, a new twin-disc clutch, unlike any aftermarket performance clutch in the U.S.


Clutch Industries has designed and manufactured OEM clutches for Nissan, Ford, GM, Toyota, and other automakers since 1951. But even as manual transmissions wane in popularity worldwide, true car enthusiasts aren’t letting go of their third pedal. To that end, Clutch Industries spent six years reengineering and redefining the common expectations of a performance replacement clutch. UniClutch, as its name suggests, is the one clutch that can satisfy everyone’s needs—whether you’re a racer, tuner, mechanic, parts distributor, retailer, or a DIYer who wants the best without the typical stress that comes with clutch installation. 

UniClutch shares the major advantage of a traditional twin-disc clutch—up to twice the torque capacity of a normal single-disc—while eliminating most of the compromises. A sealed unit with an integrated flywheel friction surface makes installation trouble-free and quicker for DIYers. There’s no need to machine the existing flywheel, align clutch plates, replace bolts, or worry about contaminants getting in the assembly. UniClutch is fully sealed and aligned. There are just two core sizes that suit a wide variety of vehicles, and unlike most aftermarket clutches, the UniClutch Flex Fit system works with virtually any vehicle. With basic tools, UniClutch bolts onto the transmission in less than three minutes. The current clutch market requires thousands of specific clutch kits. UniClutch uses only a few.


Simpler ordering and assembly are welcome bonuses, but what about the mechanical benefits? UniClutch comes in four models, all of which use billet steel and high-quality components precision-manufactured in Australia and stamped with a QR code. That code references not only quality-control checks, but also reveals specifications like the clutch’s release, lift, clamp load, finger height, and evenness.

Each major component is “checked-in” via QR code scan as it’s manufactured to ensure consistency and quality. UniClutch.

UniClutch and UniClutch Sport have Silent Shift Technology that mostly eliminates the usual rattle from the floating intermediate plate when the clutch is disengaged. Radial Dampening Technology further improves on-road comfort. That’s a unique array of springs, PPS sleeves, and urethane dampers that gradually increase the clutch’s torque take-up over very wide angles. It significantly cuts the noise, and vibration, that often come with twin-disc clutches. The result: An easier, lighter, smoother, and more forgiving drive on the street, with all of the extra feel and full torque transfer when you put the hammer down.


UniClutch can handle between 550 and 650 pound-feet of torque, which will satisfy any sports car driver. UniClutch Sport handles up to 800 pound-feet. Coming in early 2024 are two range-topping models: Track and 4TERRAIN, which are optimized for racing cars up to 1450 pound-feet and 4x4s up to 1200 pound-feet. These models include special cooling with 40 percent greater heat dissipation and unique pedal tunes for the most demanding professional drivers.

UniClutch raises the bar for manual transmission drivers on every level. There’s no reason to compromise drivability, increase complexity, or cause confusion when upgrading a stock clutch. It’s now possible to have it all—more torque, smoother shifts, stronger components, easier installation, and longer service life—in one single clutch. Now that’s saving the manuals.

Check out the UniClutch catalog to find your car’s application and distributors to buy from. UniClutch clutches are also available from NAPA Auto Parts online.

UniClutch Installation Guide: Subaru WRX

Here’s an example of a vehicle-specific installation guide for a 2005 Subaru WRX, choosing UniClutch Sport in this case: