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The Best Grip Tapes (Review & Buying Guide)

Review this guide to find the best grip tape for skateboarding or home safety.

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BYNoelle Talmon/ LAST UPDATED ON April 5, 2021

Grip tape is a versatile material that can be used for a wide range of activities. While it's a common accessory on skateboards, athletes such as weight lifters, golfers, and hockey players also utilize it to get a better grip on their equipment. It's a great way to prevent slippage on a skateboard or scooter or to prevent your hands from getting torn or blistered. Grip tape is designed so you can perform better when playing sports or exercising. Not only that, some brands of grip tape are made specifically to prevent people from slipping on stairs or ramps. Whatever the purpose, you want a product that works well and doesn't cost a lot of money. Check out our top picks in the buying guide below.

Best Overall

Trazon Heavy Duty Anti Slip Tape


This pro-grade grip tape can be used on multiple surfaces, including wood, plastic, metal, and concrete. It's designed for stairs, skateboards, ladders, and more.

  • Durable and easy to use
  • Waterproof and peel-resistant
  • Made in America
  • Won’t stick well to surfaces that aren’t properly prepped
Best Value

Zuext Skateboard Grip Tape Sheets


This package of two sheets includes grip tape that is nine by 33 inches. It can be used on skateboards, scooters, stairs, pedals, and more.

  • Tear-proof backing. No bubbles during application
  • Durable enough to withstand hot and cold temperatures
  • Material is a little thin
  • Actual product may not resemble the photo
Honorable Mention

Proguard Cloth Hockey Grip Tape


This cloth hockey tape is one inch by 15 yards and can be used on blades, grips, and handles as well as other items, such as tools and exercise equipment.

  • Used by pro players
  • Strong and stretchy
  • Keeps moisture at bay
  • Good value
  • Scissors may be required to cut it
  • Material is a little thin
Tactical & Outdoor photo

Benefits of Grip Tape

  • Perform better tricks. If you ride a skateboard or scooter, you need good adhesion so you don't slip off the deck. The best grip tapes improve your grip, so you can perform tricks, or even just cruise around, more safely.
  • Be safe at home. Non-slip grip tape is great in areas such as walkways and steps that may be slippery for elderly people, children, and pets. It can prevent people and animals from slipping, falling, and getting injured.
  • Prevent skin abrasions. If you lift weights or like crossfit training, rock climbing, and gymnastics, you need grip tape to protect your hands from blisters and skin tears. You also need proper grip if you play baseball, tennis, lacrosse, etc. 
  • It’s affordable. Grip tape in general isn’t very expensive. You can find several products that won’t set you back too much financially, and the benefits outweigh the cost. 

Types of Grip Tape

Skateboard Grip Tape

Whether you're a pro skate, an amateur skater, or a beginner, grip tape is vital because it helps you stay on your board. Skateboard grip tape helps with balance and enables you to do tricks. In addition, you need good grip tape if you intend on riding or cruising at high speeds.

Multi-Purpose Grip Tape

Some brands of grip tape are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. You can use it on everything from a skateboard and athletic equipment (i.e., baseball bats and tennis rackets) to stairs, ladders, and ramps. This type of tape is usually waterproof and is designed to create better traction and/or grip, depending on its use.

Weightlifting Grip Tape

If you want a firmer grip on your dumbbells and other gym equipment, you may want to get grip tape that's specifically designed for your hands. It prevents your skin from tearing or getting blistered, which can affect performance. Grip tape for weightlifting, cross-training, gymnastics, martial arts, etc., won't work on skateboards, stairs, etc.

Sports Equipment Grip Tape

Some grip tape is designed especially for use on sports equipment. There is grip tape for tennis rackets, baseball bats, hockey sticks, etc. This tape is often pre-cut, so you simply wrap it around the handle and seal it. If you want a firm grip on your equipment and don't want your hands to slip, you need a product that works well and doesn't stick to your skin.

Top Brands

Mob Grip

Based in Santa Cruz, Calif., Mob Grip has been in business since 2000. The company boasts that it is the number-one grip tape choice of professional skateboarders. We recommend the Mob Grip Perforated Black Griptape.


Jessup, based in McHenry, Ill., makes grip tape for skateboard pros. It can also be used on surfboards, skis, sailboats, and is popular in fitness centers. We recommend the Jessup Skateboard Griptape Sheet.


Proguard, based in Mounds View, Minn., has been around since 1977 and is one of the world's oldest and largest hockey and skating accessory companies. The current owner, Mike O'Connor, is a hockey enthusiast who aims to meet the needs of players, parents, coaches, and more. We recommend the Proguard Cloth Hockey Grip Tape.

WOD Nation

WOD Nation got its start in 2013 and produces high-quality fitness equipment and apparel, including jump ropes, resistance bands, and grip tape. Its products are used by the everyday workout fanatic to record-setting pros. One popular product is the WOD Nation Weightlifting Hook Grip Tape.

Alien Pros

Alien Pros is a relatively new company that got its start in 2015. It caters to golf, tennis, and baseball and develops pro-quality grip with unique designs. If you need grip for a baseball bat, check out the Alien Pros Bat Grip Tape for Baseball.

Grip Tape Pricing

  • $8-$20: Grip tape isn't very expensive, and the cost is typically related to the amount of tape that is included in the package. Grip tape for skateboards usually comes in sheets, while tape for stick sports comes in rolls.

Key Features


The stickier a grip tape is, the better it will perform. It's one of the most important features of a product. Sticky tape will adhere to a surface area for a longer period. Stickier tape is less likely to bubble up or tear, so it's easier to use.


The best grip tape is simple to use and apply. Most do not require any special tools or equipment for application. Some brands you can tear by hand, but you may need to use scissors for other products. Both experienced users and beginners should be able to apply the tape without much difficulty.


Grip tape can range in thickness, and some brands are thinner than others. A tape that is too thick may not be as flexible as a thinner option. Also, it may be more difficult to tear. But if the tape is too thin, it may not be as long-lasting.

Other Considerations

  • Size. Before you purchase grip tape, consider the surface area you want to cover. Are you using it for one skateboard? Do you want to cover a stairway to prevent people from falling? Is it for your child's gymnastic endeavors? Some brands come in multiple packs or sheets, and you may save money by purchasing them in bulk.
  • Design. While many brands of grip tape are black, you can also find colorful grip tape that is fun for use on skateboards or scooters. You may also want bright colors on your hands if you enjoy weight lifting. You can show off your personality by selecting a style that's a little out of the ordinary.

Best Grip Tape Reviews & Recommendations 2021

Trazon's heavy-duty anti-slip grip tape is a professional-grade product designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Made of 80-grit aluminum oxide, this adhesive can be used on a variety of surfaces, from skateboards and scooter decks to stairs, ladders, sports equipment, and forklifts. It will stick to concrete, glass, plastic, metal, wood, stone, and more. The durable and waterproof material is peel resistant regardless of the weather conditions. The manufacturer designed it to withstand frequent foot traffic, and it won't deteriorate when exposed to oil and detergent. The product measures 4 inches by 35 feet, and it's easy to use. Just cut it to size, peel off the protective film, and stick it to a clean surface. The product is made in America and is backed by a 100 percent, money-back guarantee. One problem is that it may not stick too well to wood that isn't varnished or surfaces that aren’t properly prepped.

These two Skateboard Grip Tape Sheets are nine by 33 inches. They’re wide, so they fit a variety of children’s and adult kick, electric, and gas scooters and skateboards. The tape is also designed for longboards and other items, including stairs, pedals, and wheelchairs. The tape features a tear-proof backing, and it cuts cleanly. You don't have to worry about bubbles during application because the tape features hundreds of perforations that are hardly visible. The 1.5mm-thick tape is made with a silicon-carbide grit binding process, so it's durable, very sticky, and won't peel off in extreme temperature conditions. The company rolls each product by hand to minimize creases, and each one is packaged individually so they arrive at your home in optimal condition. However, there have been some complaints that it's a little too thin. It may also not look like the way it's depicted online.

With a name like Proguard, there's an expectation about quality. The Proguard Cloth Hockey Tape is 1 inch by 15 yards and is designed for hockey blades, grips, and handles. This professional tape has been around for decades and is what the pros use. This multi-use, versatile, and strong adhesive creates a secure bond on the surface area. It also prevents moisture from damaging wood. There's enough material to cover two to three standard-sized hockey sticks, so it's a great value for the money. Made of tight-woven, poly-cotton blend material, it's stretchy, easy to tear, and simple to manipulate. Users have also put this tape on pull-up bars, tools, and even on luggage handles. While the manufacturer says no scissors are required to tear the tape, some users say it's a little hard to rip. It may also be a little thin for some users.

This three-pack of WOD Nation Weightlifting Hook Grip Tape is available in black, blue, pink, and white and features a closed fist as the design. Designed for powerlifting, crossfit routines, and other types of exercise such as gymnastics and rock climbing, this tape is designed to stay put on your thumbs, fingers, and hands overall. It's very flexible, easy to mold, and prevents your skin from tearing or blistering, thus boosting your lifting capabilities. No matter how tight you wind the tape around your hands, it will maintain its flexibility. And while this tape is very strong, it's not too hard to tear due to the cotton-weave construction. One downside is that the roll isn't very large, and you may need to reorder it frequently. There have also been some complaints that it doesn't stick well if your hands are hot.

If you play ball, you should check out the Alien Pros Bat Grip Tape for Baseball. Available in a variety of colors and two-pack or four-pack options, this grip tape is very easy to put on a baseball bat. Also, you can use it on lacrosse, softball, and cricket bats. You simply need to peel it and wrap it around the equipment. Baseball players created this grip, so you know it's built to perform. The tacky tape is 1inch wide, 1.1mm thick, and 47.2 inches long and will maintain its grip in both wet and dry conditions. The grip is absorbent and ultra-lightweight as well as shock absorbing. Users report that it's comfortable, feels good, and doesn't slip. However, there have been some complaints that it's not thick enough. It may also unravel at the top of the bat.


  • If you notice bubbles when applying grip tape, you can smooth them out by popping them using a razor blade.
  • Use a flat wide razor blade to remove grip tape from a skateboard. Watch the angle of the razor blade, so you don't damage the surface.
  • If you use grip tape for your hands, make sure it's not too tight and that it will still enable you to move your fingers and wrists.


Q. Is grip tape necessary?

If you have a skateboard, it's necessary for traction. If you take care of elderly people, it can prevent them from slipping on stairs, walkways, and other surfaces. If you play sports, grip tape allows you to hold onto the equipment better.

Q. What grip tape do pro skaters use?

Skaters use a variety of different grip tapes. One popular option is Mob Grip Perforated Black Griptape. DKL grip tape is also popular as is Black Diamond grip tape and Jessup grip tape.

Q. How can I make my grip tape less grippy?

If you're a skater, you can make the grip tape a little less grippy by saving excess grip and sanding down the deck. Or you may just have to skate hard for a day or two to wear it down.

Final Thoughts

Our pick for the best grip tape is the Trazon Heavy Duty Anti Slip Tape. This anti-slip tape is great for skateboards as well as other activities. The durable and waterproof tape can be used on wood, concrete, metal, and more. You can cut it to size, and it comes with a money-back guarantee if you're unsatisfied. For a more budget-friendly option, consider the Zuext Skateboard Grip Tape Sheets.

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