Best Magnetic Tool Holders: Top Picks for Easy Tool Storage

The best magnetic tool holders that will serve your garage and home needs

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Magnetic tool holders are great for having easy access to multiple instruments, such as screwdrivers, hammers, scissors, and other metal objects, within arm’s reach. You can mount tools to walls in the house, including the garage, office, kitchen, or craft room. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know to find the best magnetic tool holder on the market.

  • Best Overall
    Ex Electronix Express 78MTH24EA Magnetic Tool Holder 24”
    The best heavy-duty magnetic tool holder, 24 inches in length, that has the ability to hold large items, including a hedge trimmer.
    The tool holder is easy to install, has a durable finish, and uses pre-centered holes for stud spacing.
    The included screws are flatheads, making installation slow and a bit of a challenge.
  • Best Value
    18” Master Magnetics Magnetic Tool Holder
    A tool holder that’s available in a variety of sizes and is useful to mechanics in home and professional garages alike.
    The smooth finish keeps tools from getting scratched and holds them securely in place, including large objects like a sledgehammer.
    The powder coating and yellow line on the magnetic strip may get scuffed over time.
  • Honorable Mention
    Vanitek 4 Heavy-Duty 12” Magnetic Tool Holder Racks
    This tool holder comes in a set that features multiple strips that can hold objects up to five pounds each.
    The holder can be installed in just minutes. The set of multiple strips allows it to hold both thin and wider tools. 
    Stickers on the holder are difficult to remove, and the end caps may not stay on.

Why Buy a Magnetic Tool Holder?

  • Keep common tools out of the toolbox. Have you ever worked on a project and found yourself wasting time digging around to find the correct tools? A magnet bar eliminates the clutter and puts everything you need in one spot.
  • Organize your workspace. When you’re finished with a project and don’t put your tools back, this can lead to a cluttered workspace and misplaced tools. A magnetic holder keeps tools out of the way. If you struggle with organizing your workspace, magnets are the perfect solution. 
  • Keep your tools within hand’s reach. Projects are easier to tackle if your tools are right by your side. Magnetic toolbars allow you to keep your gadgets within reach in one spot.
  • Stack the strips. Magnetic tool holders are easy to stack on top of each other. This means you can double the grip strength for heavier or larger tools.

Top Brands

Master Magnetics

Colorado-based Master Magnetics has been making high-quality magnetic devices since 1976. Their products are designed for commercial, industrial, and private use. With an inventory of over 15 million magnets in stock, their specialties include industrial and consumer-packaged magnets for home improvement, automotive, craft, and other activities. One of their best products is their 12-inch Double-Sided Magnet Strip

Capri Tools

Capri Tools has been around for over 30 years. The California company strives to make high-quality tools that perform well for their customers. Capri also stresses the importance of offering fair prices. One of their most popular products is the MT-24 24-Inch Magnetic Bar Holder Tool.


Grip offers over 1,300 products for consumers in need of hand tools for automotive maintenance, welding, camping, and more. Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Grip prides itself on innovative products and a proven track record with its customers. One popular offering is its three-piece Magnetic Tool Holder Set.

Magnetic Tool Holder Pricing

  • Under $20: Holders in this price range tend to be smaller in size and are more suitable for lighter objects—scissors and screwdrivers versus hammers and hatchets.
  • $20-$30: Most magnetic tool holders fall into this price range. They come in a variety of sizes and weight capacities. Some also have the ability to connect multiple holders together.
  • Over $40: These tool holders generally consist of an entire storage rack, not just a single holder. If you want to store many tools together either side by side or on top of each other, these racks are your best bet.

Key Features

Magnet Placement

Some magnetic holders use a single, long magnet; others have multiple magnets lined up on a steel bar between the ends. Both types will hold small tools, but the positioning may affect where you can place items on the holder. 


Some magnet bars are covered in a plastic coating that may wear off in time. A few options have a black powder finish that is more resistant to scratches. To save money, the plastic coating should be enough. If durability is important, however, a powder finish is the better choice. 

Mounting Options

Installation is a key factor when using magnetic tool holders. Some use brackets to mount to a wall, while others are simply flush-mounted. A few magnetic bars can use either of these options for installation.

Other Considerations

  • Find the right size. Magnetic tool racks come in a variety of sizes, like 12 and 24 inches. If you use a lot of tools, you may want a longer magnet organizer. If space is limited, opt for a shorter bar.
  • Pay attention to weight capacity. Magnetic tool holders can hold as little as five pounds or as much as 30 pounds. It’s important to consider what types of tools you will be storing on the holder before purchasing one.

Best Magnetic Tool Holder Reviews & Recommendations 2019

Best Magnetic Tool Holder Overall: Ex Electronix Express 78MTH24EA Magnetic Tool Holder 24”


The Ex Electronix Express magnetic tool holder is one of the stronger holders on the market, holding up to 20 pounds per inch. The heavy-duty, permanent magnetic bar securely holds both small and large tools. It’s perfect for securing wrenches, sockets, screws, and other heavy tools so they won’t slide off easily.

The surface of the tool holder is durable, and several magnets are secured between two steel bars. The sticker is also easy to remove. The tool holder itself is simple to install, using 16-inch holes that match up with the normal stud spacing. The Ex Electronix Express easily mounts to walls, shelves, workbenches, and toolboxes.

The screws that come with the toolbar may be an issue since they require a flathead screwdriver. Higher-quality mounting screws may be required to better secure the product. It’s also meant to mount to a normal wall so other surfaces like metal may be difficult to use.

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Best Value Magnetic Tool Holder: 18” Master Magnetics Magnetic Tool Holder

 Master Magnetics Magnetic Tool Holder

This magnetic tool holder is coated in black powder and can hold 20 pounds. Two welded steel tabs are placed 16 inches apart for easy mounting. The strength of the holder makes it ideal for automotive tools you commonly use in the garage or shop. 

The holder features a smooth finish that won’t scratch the tools. It is long enough to hold between 12 to 20 screwdrivers and even a five-pound sledgehammer. Once mounted, the tools stay in place and don’t budge. It can also hold knives, shotguns, swords, and other fairly large objects.

The powder coating and the yellow line on the magnetic strip may become scuffed over time. Another issue is the flathead mounting screws. They can make it difficult to mount the bracket on a wall quickly with a flathead screwdriver.

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Best Honorable Mention Magnetic Tool Holder: Vanitek 4 Heavy-Duty 12” Magnetic Tool Holder Racks

 Vanitek 4 Heavy-Duty 12

This magnetic toolbar rack has four 12-inch bars that hold items weighing up to about five pounds each. Each one of the strips can be connected to each other via adjustable mounting hardware. It also includes Phillip screws for mounting to make installation quick and painless with a simple screwdriver. It can be mounted with brackets or flush against the wall and takes just minutes to install.

Everything stays in place with this magnetic tool holder. It can even hold larger tools such as shovels, chisels, files, and wrenches. If you are looking for a good value, the four racks included in the package offer a lot of storage space.

Keep in mind that the magnets can pinch your skin if you’re not careful since they are strong. Also, the end caps may come off during installation. Finally, the stickers used in shipping the product may be difficult to remove.

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Tips and Advice

  • Predrill holes in the wall before you mount a holder.
  • If the tool holder comes with stickers on it, consider using Goo Gone, WD-40, or another product to remove the adhesive before you install it.
  • Most magnetic toolbar holders only have magnets on one side. Be sure you buy one with magnets on both sides if you want to attach it to a metal surface like a toolbox or refrigerator.
  • You may have trouble attaching metal tools with plastic handles to the surface magnet. Little adhesive magnetic strips on the handle are a simple solution to this problem.


Q: What size holder do I need?

A: First, you need to determine what you will attach to the toolbar and where you want to place the holder. Smaller tool holders hold fewer items and are better for smaller spaces. Bigger tool holders may be necessary for a shed or garage. You may want to use a 12- or 18-inch tool holder to hang small tools, while a 24-inch holder may be more appropriate for larger items like hammers and hatchets.

Q: How much weight can magnetic tool strips hold?

A: It depends on the size, but some can carry as much as 25 pounds of weight. Read the description of the product to make sure it’s strong enough to hold the tools you want to secure.  

Q: How do I install a magnetic tool holder?

A: Magnetic tool organizers that mount to a wall, workbench, or another flat surface will require screws, a stud finder, and some hand tools. With a double-sided magnetic toolbar, just stick it to a metal surface. Make sure to read the directions thoroughly before installation. 

Final Thoughts

Our top pick for the best magnetic tool holder is the Ex Electronix Express 78MTH24EA Magnetic Tool Holder 24”. It’s strong with a good size for holding a variety of big and heavy-duty tools.

If you’re looking for something less expensive, consider the 18” Master Magnetics Magnetic Tool Holder. It’s available in a variety of lengths and can hold lighter hand tools.

If you have a favorite magnetic tool holder, please leave a comment below and tell us why you like it.