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RV Rental Massachusetts: Motorhome, Camper, & Trailer Rentals in MA

People have been living in and exploring Massachusetts for about 3,000 years, so take your place in history by visiting the Bay State. RV rentals in Massachusetts give you a chance to explore the pristine beaches of Cape Cod, the lively city of Boston, and America’s rich colonial history. 

You may not think of Massachusetts as an “RV state,” but that needs to change. There are plenty of campgrounds and RV-friendly attractions throughout the state. There’s also plenty of stunning parks and natural destinations to explore. 

Reserve your RV rental in Massachusetts and discover how this state combines historical reverence with modern amenities. 

Popular RV Destinations in Massachusetts

Minute Man National Historical Park and Lexington Green

Explore one of the pivotal moments in American history by visiting this historical park during your RV rental in Boston, MA. The first battle of the American Revolution is brought to life as you visit the Minute Man statue, explore the battle sites, stroll through The Wayside, and make your way through the Witness Houses. 

Follow the path of the Revolutionary soldiers as they made their way from Concord’s North Bridge to Meriam’s Corner. Then make your way east to the Lincoln Woods as the battle continued. 

After visiting the battle locations, see what life was like for the residents in 1775. Eleven homes are still standing today. The most famous of these homes is The Home of Authors, where three great literary families—The Alcotts, Hawthornes, and Lothrops—have all lived. 

Mayflower II and Plimoth Plantation

This is your chance to see how some of the first settlers lived. This 17th century English Village is a re-creation of the original farming community that was cultivated by the Pilgrims. Don’t be afraid to talk to the many “residents” you come across while exploring the town. These actors have adopted the personas of actual residents from the town and have unique stories and viewpoints to share with you. 

Then make your way over to the Wampanoag Homesite and experience this outdoor living history exhibit. You’ll see how the 17th century Native Americans lived, and the people you’ll encounter are their descendants. 

Depending on when you go, you may also be able to see a full-scale reproduction of the Mayflower, the ship that brought the Pilgrims to American. It’s undergoing a full restoration, but it’s expected to return for Plymouth’s 400th commemoration in 2020. 

Norman Rockwell Museum

As one of America’s most-loved artists, you’ve seen Norman Rockwell’s art and probably didn’t even realize it. He’s most well-known for his portrayal and characterization of the ideals of American life. 

During your visit to the museum, you’ll see one of many rotating collections of his work. These include the 323 Saturday Evening Post covers, the 1960s, American Homefront of the 1940s, and Home for the Holidays. There are also several exhibits that feature up-and-coming artists from the local area. 

You can take an audio, iPad, or docent-guided gallery tour. Around the grounds are 36 acres for you to enjoy with gardens and sculptures. There’s a small pushcart located onsite that sells drinks and snacks.

Events and Entertainment in Massachusetts

Green River Festival 

For more than 30 years, this summer festival has been the must-attend event of western Massachusetts. You’ll experience world-class music, mouth-watering local food, and a craft fair that will make your head spin. This is a family-friendly event with plenty of activities and games for all ages. 

This festival is all about the music, and lovers of all genres will find something that they enjoy. More than 30 bands will play over the course of the three days. Hundreds of local restaurants set up tents to keep you fed. This includes the Berkshire Brewing Company, which sets up a beer and wine tent. Head over to the Makers Market and check out the spectacle of handmade crafts, clothing, jewelry, and so much more. 

Camping is available at the event, so if you want to stay right in the middle of the action, be sure to check it out and book early. 

Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular 

If you’ve never experienced the 4th of July in Boston, then you just aren’t living. About 90 years ago, the Boston Pops Orchestra began playing to live fireworks. This free event now attracts hundreds of thousands of people to the Boston area each year to watch the fireworks display. 

Each year, world-famous artists are invited to join the orchestra to perform their most well-known hits and a few of America’s most beloved patriotic songs. The entire show is a few hours long and ends with a 20-minute non-stop fireworks extravaganza. 

If you plan to attend, get there early. People stake out the prime spots, and the grassy areas become crowded quickly.

Cape Cod Chowder Festival 

Who doesn’t love some tasty chowder? For over 30 years, this annual festival celebrates this much-loved dish while also supporting local businesses. The tickets are affordable at $15, and the event is family-friendly. 

You’ll enjoy live music as you make your way through the Cape Cod Melody Tent. This is your chance to sample all of the local varieties of clam chowder. Be sure to check out the chowder competition that takes place. 

This is the best way to try all of the different varieties in one place and find your favorite. Then you know your family’s go-to spot during the rest of your visit. 

Campgrounds and Parks in Massachusetts

Adventure Bound Camping Resorts – Cape Cod

Head to this campground and seize your chance to explore the famous Cape Cod. You’ll see pristine beaches, a relaxing atmosphere, and rolling countryside. There are plenty of options when it comes to the type of site you choose. 

Customize your stay by choosing from sites that offer varying combinations of water, electric, and sewer. They even have on-site camper rentals available that can sleep four to six people. Other amenities include a dump station, laundry, propane, restrooms, and bus stop. 

During your stay, you can stroll down the beach, take a whale-watching trip, try your hand at fishing, and do some sightseeing. 

Wompatuck State Park

Drive about 30 minutes outside of Boston, and you can stay at this state park. You can be surrounded by nature yet close enough to the downtown shopping, restaurants, and attractions. The park is 3,526 acres of forest and boasts 250 campsites. 

After you get settled in, head outdoors and explore the 40 miles of forest trails and 12 miles of non-motorized roads. You can enjoy these any way you want, by hiking, biking, horseback riding, mountain biking, cross-country skiing, or snowmobiling. 

You should also check out Mt. Blue Spring during your stay. It’s one of the most famous points of interest within the park and a source of fresh drinking water for those who visit.  

Pinewood Lodge Campground

If you’re planning to visit Plymouth, then you need to consider staying at this campground. This beautiful campground is a nature lover’s dream with 200 acres of white pine forest and a 50-acre freshwater lake. As for camping, there are 300 shady spots to choose from. 

Staying at this campground is like a luxury vacation. Head to the Main Room of the Pinewood Lodge to relax and enjoy the picturesque atmosphere. Check out the full-service bar on the weekends and mini-bar during the week. There’s a snack bar offering treats to nosh on while you sip your cocktail. The information desk and concierge can help you plan your visit to Plymouth. 

Other activities include a playground, basketball, volleyball, bocce ball, boat rentals, and horseshoes. There’s also an on-site RV service center that can fix anything and everything on your RV.  

RV Storage and Dumpstations in Massachusetts

There are plenty of storage facilities throughout the state that can offer you a safe and secure place to keep your RV. This is perfect since you can be anywhere and decide that you want to stay awhile. You’ll have options like indoor or outdoor storage, video surveillance, and computer-controlled gates. 

  • Major's RV, Bourne
  • Middleboro Mini Storage, Middleboro
  • Amax Storage, West Hatfield

Eventually, you’ll have to face the unpleasant task of visiting a dump station. The good news is that there are plenty of locations across Massachusetts that offer this service. Many of them will even do it for free, as long as you’re a registered guest. 

  • Campers Haven RV Resort, Dennis
  • M&L Boston Fuel & Wash, Woburn
  • Salisbury Beach State Reservation, Salisbury


1. What are RV rentals?

An RV rental in Massachusetts gives you the chance to explore America’s origins and history. By staying in RV, you have the freedom to drive all over this coastal state and see it all. Then when your adventure comes to an end, you can return the rental and let someone else handle the maintenance and repairs. 

2. How much are RV rentals?

The amount you’ll spend on your motorhome rental in Massachusetts will depend on its size and how long you rent for. Small trailers and campers can cost $75 to $125 per night. Large campers and motorhomes can cost $125 to $250 per night. 

3. Do I need to be a certain age to rent an RV in Massachusetts?

No matter what type of vehicle you rent, you need to be at least 25 years old. If you aren’t old enough, have someone traveling with you who is old enough to rent the RV put the rental in their name. If no one is old enough, you may still be able to rent an RV, but it’ll be challenging to find an owner willing, and it’ll be more expensive. 

4. Do I need insurance when I rent an RV?

Yes, you should always have insurance when you rent a vehicle. Having insurance for your trailer rental in Massachusetts will keep you protected should anything happen while the RV is in your possession. 

5. Do I need to return my rental RV with a full tank?

If you want to be considered polite and a good renter, then you should fill the gas tank before you return your camper rentals in Massachusetts. It’s also good to ask the owner what their preferred policy is. 

6. Are RVs pet-friendly in Massachusetts?

Yes! There are plenty of pet-friendly RV owners in Massachusetts that are willing to rent to you. Some will have breed or size restrictions. Many will require you to pay a pet deposit. 

7. Are there RV rentals with unlimited mileage?

It’s not common to find an RV rental in Massachusetts that has unlimited mileage. Most owners will include a set number of miles in the rental. Then if you drive over that amount, you’ll pay a per-mile fee. 

8. Are there RV rentals near me?

There’s no reason for you to wonder if there are RV rentals near you. There are RV rentals available all over the country. Try looking for a rental in a place where you’d like to visit, such as “RV rentals in Boston.”

9. How many people can sleep in an RV?

The number of people you can sleep in your rental will depend on its size. Small trailer rentals in Massachusetts can fit two to four people. A midsize camper will sleep four to six people. The largest motorhome rentals in Massachusetts can sleep as many as eight to 10 people.