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RV Rental Vermont: Motorhome, Camper, & Trailer Rentals in Vermont

From friendly people to beautiful sceneries, everything in Vermont is perfect. There are many things that set Vermont apart from all other states such as its distinctive seasons, its rich history, its maple syrup, and above all, its beauty.

Some of the most popular attractions of Vermont include Dog Mountain, The Lincoln Family Home, Shelburne Farms, and the Stowe Recreation Path. If you love to explore the natural as well as man-made beauty, then take an RV and visit Vermont. You can find many affordable RV rentals in Vermont that allow you to visit all these amazing places while staying on a budget.

Popular RV Destinations in Vermont   

Lake Champlain

From New York and Vermont to northern Canada, Lake Champlain is spread over 8,000 square miles. However, most of it lies in Vermont and it is a perfect attraction for people who love wildlife and history.

Most of the Lake Champlain shoreline is not developed. Consequently, it has become a haven for wildlife and a home for many different species of fish and birds. Apart from this, the lake also attracts the attention of people who love water sports such as boating, kayaking, and sailing.

If you enjoy natural beauty, then you should consider visiting Lake Champlain while you’re visiting Vermont.

The Lincoln Family Home

Another popular attraction of Vermont among tourists is The Lincoln Family Home. This home is situated in the village of Manchester, and was built in 1905. Thousands of people visit this estate every year to learn more about history. The house includes walking trails and beautiful kitchen gardens. It also has an observatory and a souvenir gift shop.

Before the actual house tour, a short video presentation will highlight the historical facts behind this family home. It will not only spark your curiosity, but will also increase your knowledge.

Quechee Gorge

Quechee Gorge is another treat for people who want to explore the natural beauty of Vermont. It is Vermont’s deepest gorge and was formed around 13,000 years ago. The most interesting thing about this gorge is that it continues to become deeper over time.

The Quechee Gorge is around 165 feet deep and tourists from all over the country come to visit this beautiful place. You can get a better view of it from the iron bridge. You can also see the lower part of the gorge from a nearby trail.

Events and Entertainment in Vermont  

Christmas at the Farm

Christmas at the Farm is one of the most popular events in Vermont. The idea behind this event is unique, as you can experience the Christmas spirit of the 19th century. By participating in this event, you’ll get to know more about the traditions and customs of the late 19th century and how it was like to celebrate Christmas at that time.

If you have kids, you can take them along with you and they will learn more about the Christmas spirit as well as the history. Wagon rides, as well as horse carriage rides, are a part of this super fun event which makes it quite interesting and entertaining.

The Stowe Winter Carnival

Another amazing event that takes place in Vermont is the Stowe Winter Carnival. As the name suggests, this carnival celebrates the winter season and is held in January. This carnival is equally entertaining for younger kids as well as adults.

There are many fun activities that you can do at this carnival, including a snow volleyball tournament, parties, and snow golf. Apart from this, the carnival also includes ice carving demonstrations which are quite fun to watch. So if you’re traveling during the winter, make sure to attend this fun and entertaining event.

Quechee Balloon Craft & Music Festival

We all have been fascinated by hot air balloons. If you ever dreamed about riding in a hot air balloon, the Quechee Balloon Craft & Music Festival is there to make your dream come true. It is a colorful and fun event that fills the sky over Quechee with many hot air balloons.

The festival includes more than 15 hot air balloons providing rides throughout the festival. Apart from the hot air balloons, there are other activities such as music, rock climbing, delicious food, and kids’ activities, making this a fun event for people of all ages.

Festival of Fools

The name of this festival might sound strange, but it is one of the most entertaining events that takes place in Vermont. This three-day festival is free to enter and includes amazing street performances. There are activities such as circus arts, acrobatic feats, music, comedy, and much more.

The best thing about this festival is that performers from all around the world attend this festival to entertain the guests. The event is open to people of all age groups, so you can go there with your friends or family without any hesitation.

Campgrounds and Parks in Vermont  

Sugar Ridge RV Village and Campground

Located in Danville, Sugar Ridge RV Village and Campground is spread across 68 acres of land. This campground not only provides a spacious place for RVers, but it also provides breathtaking views of nature. When you visit this campground in the fall, you’ll love the changing colors and overall beauty.

Apart from the amazing views, this campground offers many amenities including a miniature golf course, restrooms and showers, horse wagon rides, a swimming pool, hiking trails, and much more. There is so much to do that you won’t even feel like leaving this place.

Brewster River Campground

Brewster River Campground is situated near a stream. The park is very peaceful and you’ll feel closer to nature while staying here. Most of the campers come here only to enjoy the beauty of nature while listening to the sound of the stream. During the day, you can listen to the birds chirping around you, while at night you’ll love the starry sky.

The park is free from any kind of pollution. People who come here try to keep it clean. Overall, the environment is very relaxing and if you’re looking to lighten up your mood, it is recommended you visit this place. Amenities include hiking trails, kayak rentals, free showers, horseback riding, and much more.

Tree Farm Campground

The Tree Farm Campground is another peaceful campground located in Springfield, Vermont. It was first opened to the public in 1974. Since then, it has gathered a lot of attention from campers and tourists because of its natural beauty and relaxing environment. The park is situated on around 140 acres of land that includes an abundance of pine trees and wildlife.

Apart from the breathtaking views, there are many restaurants and shops at the Tree Farm Campground. This means you can not only enjoy the natural scenery, but you can also shop and eat your favorite foods without any problem. The Meuse family has run this campground since 2015.

RV Storage and Dumpstations in Vermont  

You’ll need a storage facility while you’re not using your RV. There are many storage facilities in Vermont that you can choose from. Here are some of the most popular storage options in Vermont: 

  • Burlington Self-Storage
  • Rocky Ridge Vehicle Storage, Georgia
  • Vermont Storage, Vergennes
  • AllServe Self Storage of Wilder
  • Exit 16 Self Storage

There are many affordable and free dump stations in Vermont where you can dump your waste. Some of these are:

  • Woodford State Park
  • Quechee State Park
  • Newport Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Montpelier Wastewater Treatment Plant 
  • Rutland Wastewater Treatment Plant


1. What are RV rentals?

The advantage of renting an RV is you don’t have to pay the costs involved with owning and maintaining an RV. It’s also a great way to dip into the RV lifestyle without making a big commitment.

2. How much are RV rentals?

The price of an RV rental is based on the size of the camper and the duration of the rental. Smaller trailers and camper vans may cost between $75 and $150 per night, while larger ones may cost up to $250 per night. You typically save money if you rent for a longer period of time.

3. Do I need to be a certain age to rent an RV in Vermont?

Generally, you have to be 25 years old to rent an RV; however, some companies do allow those under 25 to rent a camper. Often these businesses have added surcharges, and you may have to sign a special waiver in order to do so.

4. Do I need insurance when I rent an RV?

Yes. You need insurance to cover the RV in case you’re involved in an accident.

5. Do I need to return my rental RV with a full tank?

While not all RV owners require you to fill the tank, it’s just good practice to do so. Be sure to check your rental agreement, so you know what’s required of you. There are some owners who will accept an empty tank but will then charge you the cost of refilling.

6. Are RVs pet friendly in Vermont?

Yes, most RV rentals are pet-friendly in Vermont. However, you should check the listing to be sure. You may also be required to leave a deposit or pay an extra fee.

7. Are there RV rentals with unlimited mileage?

Yes. Some companies allow renters to choose an unlimited mileage package. Others provide a base rate and charge extra for added mileage.

8. How many people can sleep in an RV?

The larger the RV, the more people it can accommodate. Smaller trailers and camper vans can fit two to four people, while midsize motorhomes can sleep between four and eight. If you're looking at big rigs, they can accommodate between six and 12 people.