The Coldest Cannonball Run Record. On Record.

An icepick in the face of commoditized gravitas.

“Absolutely terrible.”

“The dumbest thing I’ve ever done.”

“It’s Stalingrad. On wheels.”

These are just a few of the things my teammate Zach Bowman and I said to each other a little over a year ago, on what has to be the craziest, bravest, and coldest thing I’ve ever done: 2823 miles, non-stop except for gas, in an open-wheeled, wooden-framed, convertible 2014 Morgan 3-wheeler.

Why? To set — to the best of my knowledge — the first (and possibly last) 3-wheeled “Cannonball Run” record ever, from New York City to Redondo Beach, California.  

Chris Cantle/The Drive

It rained. It snowed. My catheter froze. (Don’t worry, it was external.) Also, it tugged. Every time it caught on something underneath the car. Why? Because I ran the tube down my leg and through a whole we’d drilled through the metal floor of the Morgan.

Chris Cantle/The Drive

Bowman chose not to use one. I’m still not sure which one of us was dumber.

Read The Story

The full story is told in multiple parts. I recommend starting with Bowman’s hilarious play-by-play: I Set the L.A. to N.Y. record in a Morgan 3-Wheeler, then following up with my brilliant philosophical treatise on why, You Are All Cowards: Why The Morgan 3-Wheeled Cannonball Record Matters.

Watch The Story

Need some proof that this all happened? We’ve got some video for you: Part 1 goes Behind The Scenes before departure, part 2 follows us cross country, and part 3 takes us into New York city and across the finish line.

A year later, I still can’t believe we did it, let alone tried. But I’m tired. And still not fully recovered.

Are you thinking of giving this a shot in a Polaris Slingshot? How about a Vanderhall Laguna? If so, please let me know. I’ve got some advice for you.

Alex Roy, entrepreneur, President of Europe By Car, Editor-at-Large for The Drive, and author of The Driver, set the 2007 Transcontinental “Cannonball Run” Record in a BMW M5 in 31 hours & 4 minutes, and has set multiple “Cannonball” endurance driving records in Europe & the United States in the EV, 3-wheeler & Semi-Autonomous Classes. You may follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.