Watch an Amish Horse Team Pull a GMC Yukon Out of an Icy Ditch

Now this is what real horsepower looks like.

byJames Gilboy|
Two horses tug on a stuck white SUV
WKYC Channel 3 on YouTube


Sitting by the side of the road after sliding on some black ice, you're probably wishing you'd bought winter tires about now. Or at the very least, that the tow truck would get there quicker. But if you'll take help from any passersby, then maybe start whinnying out the window. With any luck, you'll attract a horse to pull you out, just like a pair did to a GMC Yukon in Tennessee.

The occasion was captured on video on Monday morning in Ethridge, Tennessee by one Sandra Sam Newton according to The Detroit Free Press. In the video, a white 2007-2014 GMC Yukon can be seen high-centered off the side of the road, its front wheels in a ditch and its rears off the ground. The fact that this stranded it would suggest the SUV in question is a two-wheel-drive model.

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Apparently, an amish buggy driver happened by the scene, and decided to lend a hand. (A farmhand?) They used a recovery strap to link the GMC's tow hitch to the horses' harnesses while people gathered around the front of the SUV to push. Together, they heave on the GMC repeatedly until the rear drops just enough for the tires to find some traction, and help complete the recovery.

This isn't the only occasion horses have come to the rescue during this week's nation-spanning winter storms; another horseman in adjacent Arkansas reportedly helped free several stuck vehicles. But while we don't know what that guy will get up to when his work is done, we probably know what the amish guy did next. Just like the rest of us, he probably went out for some buggy drifting afterward.

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