The People Still Aren’t Happy With Forza Motorsport

Turn 10 Studios' statement might have made things worse.
Photo Mode capture from Forza Motorsport of a yellow Porsche Carrera GT at Maple Valley.
Adam Ismail

Forza Motorsport fans aren’t happy. Following the 2023 release, the game has been riddled with issues from a wonky car progression system, to frustrating AI, and players have been vocal about their frustration. However, according to IGN, after a statement from Turn 10 Studios’ game director Andy Beaudoin, creative director Chris Esaki, and executive producer Trevor Laupmanis, fans are even angrier, as their statement failed to specifically address anything.

Probably the biggest issue players have with the new Forza Motorsport is the car progression system, which requires players to grind for hours with each specific car to be able to unlock mods, ruining one of the most fun aspects of Forza. And while it’s nice to see that the developers are reading and listening to player feedback, they didn’t offer any solutions, only a vague, PR-speak statement.

“It is clear from looking at feedback that while many of our players are enjoying the system as is, for many others it isn’t delivering the upgrade experience that they expect from Forza Motorsport. To address this, we are exploring changes to the system. Our goal with these changes is to retain what is working for those that enjoy it, while resolving the issues many of our most dedicated players have with the system,” said Turn 10 developers.

The statement was similarly vague when discussing AI and race regulation issues and players are left wondering what specifically will be done to fix the game and when anything will change.

“No call to action, no roadmap, no progress update—this is a yap session. AI fixes could come in a month or in December but they are dreaming if they think players are gonna sit idly by waiting for drip-feed content,” said Redditor Crasy8s.

Another Redditor, cooReey, said, “This kind of statement would be OK if it came [one] month after the release not in freakin’ January, this is just a PR move to buy yourself more time.”

Forza Motorsport is Xbox’s premier racing game and fans were happy that the 2023 release finally brought the game back to its original racing simulator roots. However, with issues like these, many players are putting their controllers down completely, until Turn 10 can sort them out.

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