Pristine 38-Mile Tesla Roadster Emerges From Arizona Garage for Auction

Technically, the 2010 Roadster hasn’t even gone through a full battery charge.

byNico DeMattia|
Gruber Motors
Gruber Motors.


No one can stop talking about the new Tesla Cybertruck, and it isn't hard to see why. With its cyberpunk design, stainless steel body, and excited owners who have been waiting years to drive it, it's an ideal recipe for social media hype. However, there'd be no Cybertruck without the car that started it all for the brand: the Tesla Roadster. And right now, you can buy the lowest-mileage Tesla Roadster known to be for sale.

This 2010 Tesal Roadster is being auctioned but Gruber Motors in Phoenix, Arizona, a shop that specializes in repairing, modifying, and selling electric vehicles. And with just 38 miles on the odometer, it's one of the lowest-mileage Roadsters known in existence, right up with those zero-mile units unearthed in China. It's likely been a long time since most of us even thought about the OG Tesla Roadster, so it's easy to forget how cool it was at the time. The Roadster was built on a modified Lotus Elise chassis, which is evident in its design and driver-focused interior, and it even features carbon fiber body panels.

Being a 2010 model, this specific Roadster has a few updates over the original 2008 car, such as push-button gear selection, additional sound deadening, and even manually adjustable coilovers. Its 53 kWh battery pack gave it 244 miles of range, and its 288 horsepower could get it to 60 mph in just 3.9 seconds. Considering its battery size and odometer readout, this Roadster has barely used a sixth of its original battery charge capacity.

How much will it cost to own an integral piece of Tesla's history, one that can act as a time capsule from the brand's earliest days? With only 2,400 ever made, the original Tesla Roadster is an incredibly rare car, and the hype around the entire Tesla brand at the moment could help increase its value even further. It's also the only car to currently live in space. Last year, Gruber Motors sold an 840-mile car for a then-record-breaking $250,000, so this 38-mile car will surely break that record.

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