Live Out Your Childhood Arcade Dreams With This Full-Size Trophy Truck Simulator

The machine can move up to three feet, mimicking the motion of off-road jumps.

byKristin V. Shaw|
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CXC Simulations


For the times you can’t get to an off-road trail as often as you’d like, it would be nice to have a simulator to practice your skills. CXC Simulations took that idea a step further, building a full-size truck simulator that gives the operator the feel of ripping through the dirt.

The Motion Pro Truck isn’t CXC’s first rodeo. This Hawthorne, California firm previously created an off-road Trophy Truck simulator for the entertainment of Norwegian Cruise Lines passengers. CXC took a real trophy truck, ripped out the powertrain and drivetrain, and mounted it on a motion simulator with a vertical travel range of three feet.

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Apparently, the cruise line sim was such a popular idea that CXC decided to build one for personal use, meaning you don’t have to wait to hit the high seas to get your practice laps in if you buy one for yourself. Taking its learnings from the trophy truck simulator, CXC developed a chassis that is “better suited for being a simulator” and made some overall improvements as well.

Carrying over from the cruise line sim is a set of speed-dependent wind fans for a full sensory experience. The Motion Pro Truck is more adaptable for home or commercial use than the trophy truck version, as the control panel can live inside the vehicle or outside of it.

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CXC makes pro-level sims, as it's clear to see from its prices. Even without the exterior shell, one of CXC’s simulators start at $75,000. A virtual reality headset adds $3,000 to the invoice, a (much) larger 77-inch panoramic screen adds $18,000, and a composite seat will set you back another $3,000, roughly. For that price, maybe just think about getting a new Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Bison, download the onX Offroad app, and find the closest 4x4 trail to your house.

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