Handsome 1972 International 1210 for Sale Gets Everything Right About Restoration

There’s no touchscreen, no enormous wheels, and most importantly, no LS V8.

byCaleb Jacobs|
For Sale photo
allidaholassics via eBay

Less is often more when it comes to modifying classic pickups. Their blocky designs mean they usually look better with tasteful, period-correct touches; forget the 30-inch billet aluminum wheels and light bars that could illuminate the Mariana Trench. Whoever did this 1972 International Harvester 1210 did it right, and the rust-free Idaho truck is up for grabs on eBay right now. Just be sure to act quickly if you've got the means.

The three-quarter-ton IH still wears its original orange and cream two-tone paint. The coat shines brightly along with the aluminum front bumper, and while there's a good deal of polished trim pieces, bling isn't the main theme. Color-matched steel wheels shod in Coker Super Lug tires really make the look, as do the manual-locking front hubs. And look at that mesh tailgate!

Even more attention has been paid to the interior, where you'll find a deep brown quilted leather bench seat. This is where builds often fall off the tracks, trading a truck's simplicity for needless flair. Fortunately, that isn't the case here. There's new brown carpet to match, with two sticks for the driver to control the four-speed transmission as well as the two-speed transfer case.

A lot of redone pickups that hit today's auction blocks ditch their factory power units for something more modern. Again, that's not the ethos of this truck. It still has its original 345-cubic-inch V8, according to the seller, with power brakes and power steering. It's no barnstormer, but rigs like this don't need to be.

Not many details are given on the suspension setup, but photos showing Fox hardware indicate that it probably rides a lot better than before. I'd say that's a good thing considering how big the dental filling business was back in the '70s. You'll still spot leaf springs underneath, which isn't a con if you ask me. I think money was well spent on this truck, upgrading parts that improve the experience without modernizing everything just to say they did.

There's been a lot of interest in it, understandably, as 55 bids have been placed at the time of publishing. The highest currently sits at $31,100 on eBay with only a few hours to go before the auction ends around 6 p.m. ET on Monday, Nov. 28. If you're going to throw your hat in the ring, now's the time.

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