Buy This 1975 Dodge Woodsman 4×4 RV and Drive the Only One Around

It's built on a three-quarter-ton truck frame and has a 318-cubic-inch V8 that runs and drives.
Via eBay

Old-school RVs are cool enough to speak for themselves. Just look at this 1975 Dodge Woodsman up for auction in California with its boxy design, shiny exterior, and four-wheel-drive truck underpinnings. It’s a great restoration candidate and the job is already underway, so while you’d be buying into a project, it’s still a runner-driver with good bones. Plus, who else has one? Aside from every commenter’s uncle, I mean.

The RV, which was first spotted by Barn Finds, is reportedly one of only eight in existence. It’s hard to tell from the photos but it measures 20 feet long, which is actually pretty compact in terms of motorhomes. That allows it to ride on a three-quarter-ton Dodge truck chassis, and it’s also powered by a 318-cubic-inch V8 like you’d find in so many Mopar workhorses back in the day. The seller claims the engine has just 22,600 miles on it, meaning it has lots of life left, and the automatic transmission supposedly works great as well as the 4×4 system.

You can tell that the Woodsman is mid-reno, but it’s not in a million pieces with parts scattered across random states. The seller says they completely stripped the interior and installed wooden support beams inside, along with three-quarter-inch plywood floors wrapped in Tyvek and coated in marine sealant. This came after they sanded the frame and coated it in POR-15 corrosion preventative. The walls are unfinished but they’ve been shot with expanding foam that ought to make it plenty warm in winter; a roof-mounted MaxxAir fan does its part in keeping the rig cool during summer.

Most other Dodge Woodsman RVs have two-tone paint, but this one was polished to give it an Airsteam-like look. It does have the Woodsman sticker up front that looks sharp and will have every passerby Googling what the heck a Woodsman actually is. Then, they’ll find this article and they’ll know. Funny how the internet works.

The V8 apparently needs some gas poured in the carb to start at first, but after that, the seller says it idles smoothly and will fire right back up. Even still, they don’t recommend you drive it home because the driver’s seat isn’t installed. You’re usually better off trailering projects like this anyway.

It’s listed on eBay with a current high bid of $9,000. The reserve hasn’t been met, but potential buyers have until Friday to find that magic number. If I were in the market—and I kinda wish I was—I’d take advantage of that huge rear door and turn it into a toy hauler of sorts. You’re not going to fit a side-by-side in there, but imagine a quad built for the dunes parked in the back. You’d probably still have room for a full-size mattress and maybe even a sink, making this the ultimate weekend warrior.

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