British Tourist Killed Taking Selfie On German Highway

Never walk onto an active highway—ever.

byMax Goldberg|
British Tourist Killed Taking Selfie On German Highway

Doing anything besides driving with alertness on a busy highway is a terrible idea, but taking a selfie is especially terrible. Tragically, 22-year-old British tourist Dean Steele did not learn this important rule, and was killed in a pedestrian-on-car incident this weekend near the German border.

According to reports, Steele and his mates had stopped at a rest area on A24, between the old east and west borders of Germany, to take a selfie. The three men ventured onto the highway to take the picture when Steele was struck by and Audi A6 Avant and killed instantly. The Audi was driven by a 73 year-old male who will not be charged in the incident. 

Police spokesman Stefan Muhtz said, "the men are clearly drunk and are currently not able to be interrogated," when he spoke with the media. It is unclear on whether or not Steele was intoxicated at the time of his death. 

An outpour of support and tribes have been made across Facebook and it is clear Steele was loved by his friends and family in Uddingston, Lanarkshire. This tragic incident serves as a good reminder for people to never stand in a roadway when it is under normal operation and to always have your wits about you. Drivers should also never assume a roadway is free of pedestrians, regardless of where you are, you should always keep your eyes peeled for the unexpected.