New York May Force Uber to Allow Credit Card Tips

Will this deter people from using the app...or will it make for happier drivers?

Many New Yorkers use Uber because you don’t have to worry after you plug in your starting point and destination. You don’t have to worry about payment, and you really don’t have to worry about tipping. However, things might change over the next few months; New York City’s Taxi and Limousine Commission is proposing Uber and other credit card payment ride services allow the option to tip electronically. 

A petition created by the Independent Drivers Guild has gained 11,000 signatures in favor of electronic tipping as they strongly feel it will help drivers make a living wage.

In October alone, rides used Uber 16 million times in New York. With numbers like that, it is understandable that drivers would want the opportunity to snag a little more money per ride. Still, many riders use Uber in [art due to the convenience of not having to worry about tipping on a payment. 

What about you, reader? Do you think it’s important for Uber and other ride-hailing services to offer a way for users to tip with their credit cards? Let us know what you think in the comments below.