Watch the First Bugatti Chiron Customer Cars Leave the Factory

Three lucky owners in Europe and the Middle East are taking delivery of Bugatti's newest hypercar.

Benjamin A. Monn 2016—Benjamin Antony Monn Photography

After years of development and testing, Bugatti has made its first deliveries of the Chiron to three lucky (and insanely wealthy) customers. Built in Molsheim, France at Bugatti's "atelier," the Chiron takes nine months to build and is assembled by 20 technicians—plus 50 or so quality assurance, production, and logistics employees—who turn 1,800 component parts into one of the fastest, most exclusive cars on the planet. 

Two of the customer cars are finished in the two-tone color schemes that we've seen in press photos and videos, while the other is a gorgeous deep blue that's transparent enough to let the weave of the carbon fiber body panels show through—much like the look of the Koenigsegg Regera that's headed to the Geneva Motor Show. There's no denying how impressive they look and go. 

Bugatti will be taking another customer car to Geneva this month, so stay tuned for that. If it's anything like these three, expect something truly spectacular.