Artist Tricks Arizona Drivers With Fake NASA Space Capsule Crash

The piece was actually just an old cement mixer in disguise.

An art installation in the middle of an Arizona desert left motorists shocked, concerned, and confused as to why an object that appeared to be a spacecraft crash-landed in the empty area. 

The silver pod was placed on the side of I-10 between Phoenix and Tucson. The art, created by local artist Jack Millard, was originally an old cement mixer, but Millard turned it into a space capsule replica when he saw the object’s potential. 

“I just get these impulses to create,” Millard told the Arizona Republica. “It’s a glorified yard ornament.”

According to Daily Mail, the Arizona Department of Public Safety responded to calls Monday morning that stated it appeared something seemed out of the ordinary. Callers said that something looked like it had “fallen out of the sky.”

One caller who was apparently a NASA scientist said that it looked like the object was a 1960s space capsule. 

“As an artist, my mission is to find beauty and magic in things others would consider junk. If they enjoy it, that’s great. We live in such a cynical, jaded world. If it distracts them for a moment, that’s a wonderful thing,” said Millard to Daily Mail.

Anyways, if you’re out in Arizona and you come across a space capsule-looking thing on the side of an interstate, there’s a good chance it’s just an art piece. Probably