Lamborghini Aventador Successor Will Have a Naturally-Aspirated V12

No forced induction here.

byAaron Brown|
Lamborghini Aventador Successor Will Have a Naturally-Aspirated V12


Turbochargers can be found today in small economy cars, large trucks, exotic supercars, and most every kind of road-going vehicle in between—but apparently not the Lamborghini Aventador replacement, according to Lamborghini CEO Stefano Domenicali. 

In an interview with Car Advice during last week's Aventador S launch event in Spain, Domenicali said that Lamborghini intends to keep on keeping on with turbo-less cars.

“Our position in the [Volkswagen] group must be different, and a naturally aspirated V12 engine is part of that difference," said Domenicali. "I don’t think we will be left behind at all by not adopting turbocharging. There is space for us to be different."

The CEO wants to make sure that, despite its place as a Volkswagen Group brand, its direction isn't taken over by the electrification that many of the other brands are facing: “It is totally different, because it remains our reference point for being Lamborghini," Domenicali said. "Our position within the group must be different from the others and the more we go to electrification, for example, the more the cars will be the same,” he said.

And not only does Domenicali feel strongly about Lamborghini staying away from turbos and electrification, he also understands why the legacy of the 12-cylinder motor must continue.

“I think that the V12 is still alive, to be extended, because it is such an important part of our tradition and heritage. The future of the V12 is still important. Emissions are important of course, and our goal is always to improve the efficiency of the engine, but with our numbers we don’t see realistic issues in the short term.”

Domenicali also said that it's likely the Aventador still has around five or six more years in its lifespan before a replacement comes along