Subaru Keeps the BRZ Basic and Walmart to Start Selling Cars: The Evening Rush

Plus, an outlet that will turn any device “smart.”

byMax Goldberg|
Subaru Keeps the BRZ Basic and Walmart to Start Selling Cars: The Evening Rush


According to reports, 25 Walmart locations in the Southwest will soon be equipped with CarSaver kiosks, where potential new car buyers can search and purchase a vehicle (including financing options). Testing done in Florida found that customers were saving an average of $3,000 off MSRP per transaction.

There were a lot of high hopes that Subaru was going to offer a turbocharged, STI, or convertible version of the new Subaru BRZ. Although these rumors were floating around for a while, it seems Subaru will not be offering any of the previously mentioned goodies in the new model.

Tesla has never been one to follow the “norm” and it isn’t about to start to. According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the company intends to come out with major hardware modifications every 12 to 18 months on its current models. This is in addition to constant software updates. Unfortunately, retrofitting these hardware updates may not be possible.


Rather than spending a ton of money on “smart” lamps, speakers, toasters, heaters, etc., why not make your outlet smart? That's where the Belkin Wemo Mini Smart Plug comes in. The Wemo tracks how much money you spend and it can allow you to remotely turn any appliance plugged into it on and off.

Having a powerful, durable, and compact flashlight on your person at all times is definitely a habit you should get into. Don’t be left in the dark: check out 5.11 Tactical’s XBT D3 flashlight. Water resistant and powerful, this flashlight is perfect for the adventurer or for members of the emergency services.


When you wake up in the morning and go on your jog before work, things can go from cold and tired to hot and revitalized in just a few minutes. Rather than making a jump from a large jacket to a t-shirt, you may want to look into an Under Armour Streaker 1/4-Zip Long-Sleeve Shirt. Made with microthread fabric and other lightweight materials, this quarter-zip is perfect for someone who finds themselves getting hot even on a cold run.

Rather than going through the same motions every day at the gym, consider trying out some kettlebell exercises with Rogue Kettlebells. The general design of a kettlebell allows users to adjust their movements in a more diverse fashion to hit normally untapped muscles. Remember, real world strength and gym strength are very different things.