Samsung’s Next-Gen Electric Car Battery Will Send EVs 300 Miles on a 20-Minute Charge

The EV owners of 2021 should have far fewer worries about range anxiety than today's drivers.

With the increase in the number of electric vehicles around the world, there’s been an accompanying increase in the usage of the term “range anxiety.” Fortunately Korean company Samsung may have a forthcoming cure for the EV driver’s classic concern over not being able to drive long distances without long delays to charge. At the 2017 North American International Auto Show, the company announced it will be releasing a lithium-ion battery capable of massive range—and, more importantly, rapid charging—in the year 2021. 

According to Samsung’s SDI division, its “next-generation” battery will offer an impressive 373 miles of  range when fully charged, and a roughly-310-mile range at 80 percent charge. Both numbers are respectable, considering even top-tier Teslas today have maximum ranges of around 300 miles.

But although these are numbers worth noting, the long distances aren’t the truly newsworthy part of the company’s announcement Samsung SDI claims that it will require only 20 minutes of charging to bring the battery up to 80 percent battery—at which point, the car will be able to go another 310 miles. Or, in other words, it would only take a combined 3 hours of charging to get from The Drive’s office in Brooklyn, New York to Los Angeles, California. Those are numbers even The Drive’s Alex Roy can get behind.

With such a short charge time, chances are purchase decisions will revolve less around range anxiety and more around personal preference. The company currently supplies batteries to BMW for its electric cars, but if it can produce batteries with these sorts of stats, we wouldn’t be shocked to see other automakers knocking on Samsung’s door.