These Porsche Group 4 Rally Cars Are Pure Flat-Six Aural Stimulation

Vintage rally Porsches are perhaps the best kind of Porsches

byBradley Brownell| PUBLISHED Dec 21, 2016 2:09 PM
These Porsche Group 4 Rally Cars Are Pure Flat-Six Aural Stimulation

Those new Porsche 911 RSRs are neat and all, but nothing does me like a classic 911 rally car.

Imagine we've traveled back in time and it's the 1980s again, we're standing on the corner of an Italian back country road, and we're waiting. We can hear the monsters about to attack our senses, still miles away their telltale shriek gives away their location. Patiently we wait for the monsters to arrive, minute by minute they get closer, louder. When they finally come into view, the wave of aural insanity rushes over us, the Group 4 Porsche rushes past, spattering us with rocks and more noise as it shoots by. And then it's over, several minutes of buildup to a few ecstatic moments with our hero in view. That's what stage rally is, you trek out to some remote point to see your heroes blast past in a flash, a blur, a downshift, and then they're gone. 

This video from the 19Bozzy92 YouTube channel is pure nostalgia for the crazy rally cars of days gone by. A testament to the craziness of the builders, rallyists, and fans alike, stage rally is one of the most intense forms of racing to exist, and that may apply even more so to vintage stage rally. It's easy to see that these drivers are pushing their 30-ish-year-old Porsches to the absolute limit, for the thrill of it, for the pure enjoyment. There is faster equipment out there, it exists, and yet they're content to try to wrestle around a tarmac rally stage with a machine that's trying to fight them with physics the whole time. Heroes, every last one of them.