FCA Teases the SEMA Dodge Challenger and Porsche Has An Updated GT3 In the Works: The Evening Rush

Plus, learn over 200 survival hacks from this sweet book.

byMax Goldberg|
FCA Teases the SEMA Dodge Challenger and Porsche Has An Updated GT3 In the Works: The Evening Rush



We have featured plenty of recalls on the Evening Rush but I believe this is our first Subaru recall. According to reports, Subaru is recalling 100,127 turbocharged vehicles due to a faulty relay that could result in a vehicle fire. The faulty relay could cause a secondary air injection pump to remain on for an extended period of time, eventually catching fire. The following vehicles may be effected: 2007-2009 Legacy and Outback, 2008-2014 Impreza, and 2009-2013 Forester.

Spy shots of the new Porsche GT3 indicate that the updated version should hit the market in the near future. Only minor updates to the suspension, fenders and possibly and little extra horsepower is expected with the update but we will be sure to keep you posted with the specifications as they emerge.

FCA has announced that they will be bringing a modified Dodge Challenger SRT to SEMA this year. Since they brought a wide-body all-wheel-drive Challenger to the trade show, we can expect big things from the FCA engineers. The hood scoop in the teaser hints at a 6.4L V8 power plant for the custom muscle car but we can assume SRT will add a few extra features under the hood before they ship the car out to Las Vegas.



iPhone cables that don’t fray is a luxury we all should have. Unfortunately, that is not the case and we are subject to the constant disintegration of charging cables, until now. END. has come out with a heavy-duty braided nylon cable that will last the life of your phone (or more) and look good the whole time.

We all can’t be the survival geniuses that we once aspired to be. Luckily there is a book called Survival Hacks that will give you 200 different ways to survive in the wilderness with everyday items. Plus, it is only $12 so you can give it to every friend you have for Christmas along with a card that just says “good luck.”


Have you ever thought to yourself, “my New Balances are crazy comfortable but equally bland.” Obviously you have since most of their line is boring to say the least. Realizing there is always room for growth Ball & Buck collaborated with New Balance to produce a custom shoe called the 585. Chalk full of earthy green colors and plaid accents, this sneaker can be worn just about anywhere.

Having a fire pit in your backyard is something I strongly feel everyone should enjoy. The smell of burning wood, the crackling fire and the great stories that come out of a fire pit convo are some of my favorite parts of fall. Don’t get left out in the cold and pick up Landmann fire pit now.