Honda Patents an 11-Speed Transmission and Tesla Offers a Two-Year Lease: The Evening Rush

Plus, the perfect utility knife by Kershaw and more cool products from Yeti.

byMax Goldberg|
Honda Patents an 11-Speed Transmission and Tesla Offers a Two-Year Lease: The Evening Rush

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Honda just patented an 11-speed, three-clutch automatic transmission. Apparently the third clutch helps alleviate the reduction in torque present when switching gears. The tech beats Ford's 10-speed by just one.

Carroll Shelby’s first ever Cobra, the CSX 2000, just broke an auction record by selling for an astonishing $13.75 million. This is the most money an American car has ever gone for on the auction blocks. This ground-breaking sports car is powered by a 260 cubic-inch Ford V8; from modest beginnings came an increasingly powerful line of Shelby cars.

Tesla has announced that you will soon be able to lease a Tesla Model X or Model S for two years at a time. Customers will be able to lease the Model S for $593/month, but they will have to put down over $7,000 up front.


Simplicity can be everything sometimes, that’s why you should ditch the cellphone and revert back to a good old journal. Keep track of all your motorcycle riding adventures and repairs with the 48-page motorcycle journal by Word. Journals and Iron & Resin.

We all know many of you use your pocket knife to pry something open regardless of how bad it is for the blade. Rather than continuing to knowingly destroy your own knife, purchase a Kershaw Barge knife with a built in pry bar on the back.



Today’s beer pick takes us to New Holland Brewing Company in Holland, Michigan. If you are able to try one of their beers, we recommend, Dragon’s Milk, a bourbon barrel-aged stout.

Sure, summer's primetime but you still need coolers in the winter. YETI Coolers are some of the best coolers in the world. If you are looking for the perfect traditional-sized cooler to keep your trip cool, check out the Tundra 45.