I’m Going to See the New Nissan Z Proto Tomorrow. What Do You Want to Know About It?

I’ll happily interrogate everyone at Nissan on your behalf.

byPeter Holderith|
Nissan News photo

Tomorrow morning I'll be attending an event hosted by Nissan. At this event, there will be several cars and a few concepts made by the automaker, among them the new Z Proto. I'm going to take a lot of photos and get as much information as I can, which is why I'm turning to you.

What I want from you, dear reader, is a burning question or two. I'll be bringing a DSLR and posting some Instagram stories (follow us here!), so expect a fair amount of content in real time. I'm not sure how in-depth they'll let me go, (the Nissan spokesperson's exact words were, "I will also have the Z Proto there on display for you to check out.") but I'm going to to pry as much detail as possible from Nissan engineers and possibly Brie Larson: "Say, exactly how much power will the production car make, anyway?"


Personally, I'm really excited for this car. I said as much in my review of the Infiniti Q60, which sports the 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 that's expected to go into the new Z. Heck, the cars are even built on similar platforms. 

I'll be reading all of the comments here as well as responding to any preliminary questions. Once I get all my photos and ducks in a row, I'll cook up another post that answers your most important Q's. If you want to see a specific part of the car, let me know—I'll try my best to get it for you. Just don't be surprised if it's mailed to you via carrier pigeon for extra security.

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