How Are You Getting Your Project Car Ready for Spring?

Yeah, my project car is a dump truck. What’s your point?

byCaleb Jacobs|
QOTD photo

With the snow and ice finally thawing off my dang ol' truck—how's that for regional dialect—it's time that I take care of a few things before spring. It's a busy few months, after all, and everybody here is ready to bring their project out of the garage. 

Get the Mothers polish and grab your microfibers, because we're going cruising.

Caleb Jacobs

Now, hopefully, you were able to make some progress on your ride over the winter. Did you get those ported heads installed? Or do those still need doing? Either way, I want to know what's left for your car to be totally ready for spring and, yes, even summer.

As for me, I have some teensy weensy jobs to tie up before my 1966 Ford F600 dump truck is ready for action. I actually put it to work about two weeks ago, and everything went fine for the most part. My starter solenoid decided to call it quits halfway through hauling some clay around my family's property, but I just got the USPS tracking number for a new one today.

Aside from that, I have an unnecessary resistor on my firewall that needs cutting out and there's some minor rewiring that'll go along with it. I was rightfully criticized for my temporary fix which involved household wire nuts, and I'll admit, I've had better ideas. Still, that'll be fixed soon enough so I can haul dirt, creek gravel, and whatever else until my heart's content.

Luckily it's nothing like the busted dump bed frame I had to deal with last year. No promises that our fix for that will hold, though.

I imagine you're all itching for sunshine and warm weather, so let me know what's up with your project in the comments. Just don't expect any wrenching advice because obviously, I'm not much help there.