Car Bibles Has Risen With Hot Takes, Cultural Commentary and Essential How-Tos

Car Bibles is all-new for 2021!

byAndrew P. Collins|
<em>Car Bibles</em> Has Risen With Hot Takes, Cultural Commentary and Essential How-Tos


Car Bibles is an ancient car site fresh off a resurrection and I'm thrilled to finally share it with you. If you love cars and want to get the most out of your machine without spending all your money, you're going to like what we've done with the place. And for those of you who just need simple car questions explained in plain English, we're here for you too.

Click here and check out Car Bibles right now!

Car Bibles

As you might know if you follow me on Twitter, I came to The Drive's media group from Jalopnik at the end of last year. My mission: To revamp Car Bibles from a parking lot of product reviews into a cool and fun editorial site people like you will actually want to read every day. Thanks to the help of some new youngblood car writers I can't wait to introduce you to, I think we're off to an exciting start!

The elevator pitch I'll be spamming all over the internet is pretty simple:

Car Bibles now exists to help you have a great car even if you can’t spend 10,000 hours (or $10,000) on it. As our library of new stories grows, this site will explain how get the most value and joy from cars, stoke automotive enthusiasm, and consolidate knowledge that makes car repair accessible to the masses.

You can get the full welcome-rundown in my previous post (clicky click me to read that) but I want to repeat the site's real value proposition, our main categories of content, right here. Car Bibles breaks down like this:

  • Buying (everything that has to do with purchasing and selling cars and parts);
  • Wrenching (regarding mechanics);
  • Driving (to talk about time behind the wheel);
  • Culture (to talk about anything else);
  • Hot Takes (where we can say whatever we want);
  • …and Bibles which will be our flagship reference tomes. Not just buyer’s guides or cursory primers on certain makes or models, The Car Bibles will be living documents consolidating the internet’s knowledge about specific cars. Think Wikipedia page but far more comprehensive and fastidiously fact-checked.
  • Product Reviews will continue to be part of the site as well.

I hope that's enticing enough to bring you in, but what I really want is for you to bookmark us and keep coming back! More than that – I'm already dreaming about the day when the Car Bibles comment section is as educational and entertaining as the site's best articles.

To that end, we've got the Spot.IM comment system you'll recognize from The Drive up and running and I would be beyond stoked if you'd come chat with us on it. We'll be in the replies of our posts as much as possible, and expect weekly chat sessions where you can talk to myself and my staff in realtime while we all procrastinate our real jobs.

Now unfortunately you will have to make a new Spot.IM login even if you're already a commenter here (I know, I'm sorry, I had no choice) but I promise it's painless and I'm going to do everything I can to make our comment sections a good time.

Our site's new look is still being refined, you might see some font and style changes in the coming weeks and months, but the foundation's laid and starting today there will be enough fresh content dropping daily to make it worth the trip.

Hope to see you over there! Oh, what's that? Don't want to scroll back up for that link again? Here:

Click here and check out Car Bibles right now.