Watch This RC Chevy Blazer Get Absolutely Torture Tested on an Ultra-Difficult Obstacle Course

From steep grades to absurd bumps and even balancing on two tightrope wires, this course has it all and nothing seems to stop this mini-Blazer.

byStef Schrader|
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Remote-control cars are harder to control than they look, and I'm sure most of us think we're pretty good when we can figure out how to avoid rolling ours into a planter. However, the mad skills of whoever built and controlled this miniature Chevrolet Blazer might make even the most talented RC enthusiasts among us do a double-take. 

This little Chevy posted by the Cross-RC page on Facebook tackles one of the most intricate off-road RC courses I've seen complete with everything from two-wheels-up bars to balance on to swinging rope bridges, rough roads, jumps and giant potholes galore. It's a miniature proving ground, and this little tiny K5 handles it all like a champ. 

Facebook | Cross-RC

I never thought a vertical Facebook video of all things would send me yearning for the so-called good ol' days when the Blazer was a capable SUV, but here we are. 

This baby-K5 is kitted out with big mud tires and a sizable lift that make it easier to balance on narrow obstacles and dig its way out of some parts of the course, but they still struggle to find grip on some of the absurdly steep grades. No worries, though—with enough momentum, it makes it up, and with the controller's capable hands, it doesn't fly off the other side. 

There are a couple times where the RC truck gets smacked around, but for the most part, it holds its own no matter what the course has in store.

The most gasp-worthy moment wasn't the big sticks or boulders that it had to traverse, or even the steep grades. It was the section of the course where the truck had to balance on two tightrope-style wires to make it across a gap. The stakes are a lot lower here and there are boards underneath to catch it if it gets off-balance, but holy crap, I'd love to see that in a future Gymkhana film or something. Stunt drivers, take note—you're being out-done by a toy car. 

Note the wires., Cross-RC

Cross-RC sells the RC K5 Blazer that they used on their website here

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