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Buy This Hummer H1 Camper and Indulge Your Inner Doomsday Prepper

50 cal. not included.

Watching our country react to the events of 2020 has made a lot of Americans question whether they want to prop up society as we know it. Why be bombarded with TV and social media nonsense when you can go off the grid? Why pay off someone else’s mortgage when you could buy a van and live a nomadic life? In fact, why not go the whole nine yards by throwing a camper shell on a truck, and spending nights wherever you please? It’s a life the owner of the Hummer H1 camper seen here has been living since 2002, though now getting on in years, they’re ready to pass their weekend wheels on to someone else, which they’re doing through auction site Cars & Bids.

Built on the frame of a 2000 Hummer H1, this camper features a shell built by Callen Campers out of San Diego, California, who also reinforced the H1’s suspension to support the extra weight. Its custom-built camper shell features a queen-sized bed next to a kitchenette with a granite (or veneered particle board) countertop, a propane-fed two-burner camping stove, and a small sink hooked to a 35-gallon freshwater tank. This reservoir also connects to a small outdoor shower, one ideal for rinsing off Hummer Black cologne and your shame along with it.

Hauling this around is a 6.5-liter, single-turbo Detroit Diesel V8, which made 195 horsepower and 430 pound-feet of torque from the factory. After being “chipped” and given a less restrictive, hopefully not soot-spewing exhaust, however, it may make significantly more power. Whatever it does make is sent through a four-speed automatic transmission and a two-speed transfer case, which distributes power through Torsen-style differentials front and rear to portal axles.

Should this Hummer’s driver find themselves with more ground clearance than traction, they can reduce tire pressure via the onboard central inflation system, a gadget the H1 shared with its military HMMWV predecessor. This is done from a cab that seats four people, likely making that queen bed a crowded place on family trips. Said trips won’t involve stopping at every second station with diesel, either, as this Hummer camper also has a 20-gallon auxiliary tank to boost range.

Securing this unusually huge camper for yourself will require heading online, where you’ll have to beat its current high bid of $35,000 before bidding ends on Tuesday afternoon. With asking prices for modified H1s often twice that, don’t be too let down if this Hummer soars past 70 grand, and soldiers on close to 100.

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