What Are the Cheapest Street-Legal Vehicles You Can Buy in America?

Is it a microcar, a side-by-side, a golf cart, or some Chinese kit car?

byJames Gilboy|
What Are the Cheapest Street-Legal Vehicles You Can Buy in America?

Spending every day of your existence stuck in a recliner with nothing but Four Roses and CNN for company can quickly turn into a living hell. Sadly, it's what life has come to for my grandfather, who at 89 years of age, isn't quite as mobile as he used to be. Even if his favorite watering holes remain closed due to COVID-19, the man deserves a way to get out and about, and enjoy the back roads of Appalachia if the mood strikes him. The only issue is that he's no longer up to the task of operating his old manual Chevrolet Colorado, so he needs a slightly simpler form of transport.

This is why I'm asking you to answer a question for the sake of an old man: What are the cheapest street-legal vehicles you can buy in America?

Let's start by excluding all two-wheeled vehicles, as they're only a good solution if you don't have the balance of... well, an 89-year-old. And yes, while a Mahindra Roxor is a fun answer, it's actually three grand costlier than a 2020 Mitsubishi Mirage, and the point is to avoid buying a full-sized car and the associated costs. Sadly, that also counts out something like a Polaris GEM electric side-by-side, which would be a hoot to roll around in when the weather is nice but is more at home at the country club than a Tennessee Vols tailgate.

I'm not opposed to hearing off-the-wall suggestions like imported Japanese Kei cars, but something tells me my certified public accountant mother (who's also the estate administrator) won't want my car nerdery complicating the choice too much.

Don't let me down, people.

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